chair massage


special offer (valid until 30/03/11)


30 mins @ £20


An ideal treatment for those who prefer to receive a massage fully clothed, using no oils. Performed on an ergonomically designed, fully adjustable chair, for maximum comfort, making it suitable for everyone.


Chair massage specifically targets the muscles of the upper body & provides an effective treatment in reducing muscle aches and tension in the:

     *  back, neck, shoulder, arms & hands  *

incorporating an Indian head massage which is highly effective in reducing tension headaches & reducing stress & anxiety levels,  therefore promoting relaxation.


Chair massage is the perfect treatment to receive before your chiropractic treatment or yoga/pilates class as it helps to loosen & warm up the muscles of the torso.


Also, if you work closeby to coast, you can experience the immediate benefits of chair massage when you need it most i.e during your working day, pop in & receive a treatment during your lunch break & return to work with renewed energy levels, reduced muscle tension, feeling invigorated & feeling GREAT!!!



 appointments available with jeanette:

                                                                                          tues:  4pm-7pm

                                                                                          weds: 2.30pm-7pm

                                                                                          (& earlier on a weds if requested)

Chair Massage Special Offer