Our Nutritionist Sue Aston, is running a 6 week detox course here at Coast starting on Thursday 17th March 2011.

Sue will take you through a 6 stage program to gently cleanse and rid your body of toxins so you feel energised and healthy!


The classes will inform you:                                               

  •  Why detoxing is important
  •  The easiest and safest way to detox
  •  How to maintain a healthy lifestyle


Sue will issue information hand-outs at the end of each class which will include easy recipes and ideas.  If you are unable to make a class, the hand-out will still be available for you. 

You will be asked to keep a diary of how you feel from one week to the next, which will ensure Sue can give you the very best advice for you individually.

The classes will be held every Thursday, for six weeks, starting on 17th March 2011 at 6.30pm.  Each class will last for an hour but extra time at the end will be allowed for any questions.  The cost of the course is only £50 which includes all hand-outs!  To ensure personal treatment, places are limited, so book yours now to avoid disappointment!

An apple a day could keep the Chiropractor away!