Yoga Teacher Ginny Haswell shares with us a few reasons to step onto the yoga mat during the autumn and winter.

 Time to start or restart

If your yoga practice had declined over the summer months or perhaps you intended to start up yoga but didn’t quite get round to it, this time of year is the perfect time to focus on your intentions, as the distractions of summer holidays and festivals are over for another year. 

Autumn invites us to turn inwards, recognise that we are usually over-busy and allow ourselves time to slow down.   The practice of yoga asanas (physical postures), breathing exercises or meditation will give us this opportunity to nurture ourselves.


Take a break from the party season

The autumn and winter seasons signify a time to restore and conserve our energy, yet when we consider that Christmas falls just after the shortest day of the year, it is no wonder that the ubiquitous planning, shopping, socialising and partying can leave us feeling frazzled and stressed out; the demands of the festive season are not in harmony with the nature of winter.

Yoga is a wonderful stress-buster.  Just taking an hour or two of your week to attend a class can be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle.  Yoga brings us into the present moment, allowing stress to dissolve and calm to be restored.  If you can’t make it to a class, try just sitting for 5-10 minutes a day at home, when you won’t be disturbed, and focus on your breathing.

Once the festive season winds to a close, we can use our yoga practice to help detoxify the body and boost our immunity.


A chance to rest & recuperate or to boost our energy levels

As the leaves fall from the trees and the daylight hours grow shorter, we may feel those winter blues sneaking up on us again.  However we can help to keep our spirits up and stay healthy in body and mind by practicing yoga. 

Specific breathing techniques (pranayama) offer a way to revitalise ourselves and certain postures are known for their stimulating effect on the nervous system.  Postures that open the front of the body i.e. back bends, can help us to feel brighter and more energised.

However if we’re feeling over stimulated from the excesses of the festive season and time spent in shopping malls, we may choose to relax and quieten our mind with passive, forward bending postures.

So if you want to increase your vitality, stay energised or take a well deserved break from the stresses of life, come to a yoga class; give yourself the space to relax, breathe and shine brightly.


Ginny has a range of classes for all levels and ages from teens to seniors.

In part 2:  Ginny will share some techniques that you can practice to help you feeling bright and healthy through ‘til Spring!

Written by Ginny Haswell