We have a new hatha yoga class starting at 6.15 on a Wednesday evening.

Here is more about Emma, Yoga Instructor and her class. 

Emma Carter – My biography:

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, first being introduced during travels in India.

I remember my first yoga class on my return to the hubbub ofLondonas a kind of revelation!

It has stayed with me as a constant companion and helping hand.

As well as being a Yoga Instructor, I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with 6 years teaching experience in schools in the UK and Thailand. My yoga practice has benefited my teaching (and alleviated the stress from working in inner cities) enormously.

Living in Thailand for 3 years inspired me to qualify as a Yoga Instructor and bring my beliefs and teaching back to the UK. I have a dedicated belief in the value of yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle in our modern world. My travel and living experiences across Asia have aided my personal development in yoga enormously.

My inspiration largely comes from the beautiful ancient works of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the work of BKS Iyengar – and a particularly great practitioner of his work that I had as my teacher in Thailand. A recurring back injury has been eased time and time again by careful alignment and precision in my yoga practice and I bring this into my own classes.

I love the holistic combination that is ‘yoga’. Physically developing while learning how to still the mind, truly focus on the moment and, of course, the feeling of complete relaxation that carries you throughout your day afterwards.

My style of class:

Classical Hatha Yoga – An ancient form of yoga practice uniting opposites to create balance and harmony.

With a focus on deep, full breathing leading the body into a series of different poses to increase strength, flexibility and the flow of energy to each part of the body and mind.

A gently controlled form of yoga practice developing quality concentration and deep relaxation.

Class will start with a short relaxation, time to feel your body and focus your mind.


After a gentle warm up of the joints and spine, a series of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) help to warm up every part of the body. These lead into a sequence of postures focusing on the different limbs, muscles and energy points. Reap the benefits of inversions, energising back bends, balances, gentle twists, perfecting spinal alignment and much more. Then to finish, a lovely long relaxation (Savasana) to leave you feeling uplifted, tension free and with a true sense of well being.

Call the clinic on 01273 321133 to book your place.