For all you Strictly Come Dancing fans – and I know you are out there – we thought we would give you a quick anatomy lesson to explain the injury that Artem has picked up in this seasons filming with his partner Holly Valance.

Initially they thought he had fractured the transverse process of a lumbar vertebra. This is one of the bones in the spine of his lower back.


The transverse process is a key place for the back muscles to attach to. So a fracture (or break) of this part of the bone would be very painful and take time to heal, as it is difficult to keep the area still to fuse together. 

Luckily the doctors have changed their diagnosis (which can happen once swelling goes down and it is easier to see what is going on). It is now diagnosed as a joint and soft tissue injury. The muscles, ligaments and joint capsules around the spine are very pain sensitive. If they are over used or have small tears they become inflamed and irritated. This leads to pain and a change in ability to function. This kind of injury needs some rest and manual therapy (such as osteopathy, chiropractic or massage) to allow it to heal well. As well as rehabilitation exercises to make sure that the scar tissue is laid down in the most efficient way and that the surrounding muscles are strong and not too tight. Reducing any lasting weakness. The same can be said of any musculoskeletal injuries.

We wish Artem well in recovering and the competition.

Written by Margaret Sinclair