Anticipatory anxiety

 A lot of the anxiety felt at this time of year is about performance and expectation. Will you live up to your own or others, sometimes impossible standards? If you also lack self-confidence and don’t enjoy meeting new people try a dose of Silica 30c before the event. If you have a tendency to nausea and diarrhoea (especially after sweet things) and feel rushed and stressed a dose of Argentum Nitricum 30c may help. Lycopodium 30c is a great homeopathic remedy for those who don’t like the thought of public speaking but are fine once they get going (playing host, proposing a toast etc), often feeling bloated and gassy when they feel anxious. If you are almost unable to speak or function and suffer sore throats or loose bowels before a social engagement a try a dose of Gelsemium 30c beforehand.


Hangovers and eating too much

The over-indulgence of Christmas whether excess of food or drink can be relieved with a dose of Nux Vomica 30c. If you are aware of your swimming head before you sleep take a dose and have a large glass of water beside your bed. Ideally drink the equivalent water as booze to help keep you hydrated. The herbs Chelidonium or Milk Thistle help to support your liver. Carbo Veg 30c can help when feeling sluggish and cold with bloating and flatulence after eating too much especially if burping relieves symptoms. Pulsatilla 30c can be taken when overeating fatty foods causes the usually sweet natured to become tearful and emotionally upset with a tummy ache. If you suffer Irritable Bowel Symptoms read November’s blog to select the appropriate remedy.


Strung out kids

Over tired children who can’t sleep can try a dose of Coffea 6c to calm them. If the excitement causes tantrums, with shouting and throwing things Chamomilla 6c should do the trick.



If you’re feeling exhausted from all the shopping and preparing for the big day the wonderful homeopathic remedy Arnica will be of benefit. If your legs are aching and although you’re not yourself you will be telling others “I’m fine” especially if accompanied by a detached almost jet lagged feeling try a dose of Arnica 30c to help.


Coping with the In-Laws

Now… that’s asking a bit much of homeopathy!!!  Happy New Year and health and happiness for 2012


Where to buy Homeopathic remedies – Homeopathic remedies can be bought from healthfood shops, chemists or pop into the clinic.


Homeopathic remedies are often used as self-help for simple conditions, however for more serious complaints a homeopath, GP or health professional should be consulted before using homeopathic medicines.


Written by Sarah Allenby-Byrne, Homeopath