Feeling sluggish after all the Xmas holiday over endulgence? Why not give your system a re-boot for the new year! Boost your circulation with a massage!


How does massage work?

In order for the body to work efficiently it needs a good supply of blood. Blood delivers everything required by the cells for their growth, repair and nutrition.


If the cells have suffered from inflammation or any tissue damage, waste material is created. Waste is also created when the body produces energy e.g. lactic acid, therefore, the body requires an effective waste disposal system. Both nutrition provision & waste removal are involved in the healing process and are vital to the healthy function of cells. Massage assists this process.


There are various different types of massage techniques e.g effleurage, petrissage, friction, soft tissue & neuromuscular technique etc. to name but a few. In particular the stroking massage techniques such as “effleurage” act like a pumping system which help to stimulate the circulation of blood. Fresh blood brings fresh nutrients which are absorbed by the muscle fibre cells, whilst at the same time also removing waste from the cells.


When pressure is applied with long sweeping massage strokes towards the heart, the blood is pushed up along the vein, a vacuum is created behind the vein and this space immediately becomes filled by fresh blood from the arteries.

Re-boot with a massage

In order to allow the absorption and filtration of nutrients and waste, it is important that the blood vessel walls are soft and pliable. The pumping action of massage strokes forces blood through the arterioles and capillaries, this stretches the walls of the blood vessels and this in turn can assist in increasing their size, capacity and function.  

Massage not only has a positive effect on local tissues it also boosts the circulatory system as a whole, this in turn helps to improve the health and recovery of most of the other systems of the body.


In summary, by boosting the circulation massage plays a very important role in keeping the cells throughout the entire body healthy and functional.   (ref: sport & remedial massage therapy, mel cash, 1996)

Written by Jeanette Mahoney – massage therapist, ba (hons) lcm lssm ocm thai (dip) btec higher sports dip.


Watch out for the further benefits of massage Part II explained in the next Coast newsletter!


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