The first day of spring is also called the vernal equinox which comes from Latin, “vernal” meaning “spring” and “equinox” meaning “equal night”. This is the time when there are exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness in the 24 hour day. It is only twice a year, on the spring and autumn equinox that if you were to stand on the equator, the sun will pass directly overhead. It’s been reported that the spring equinox is the only time of the year you can stand a raw egg on its end………

Along with the spring cleaning we do for our homes at this time of year, it’s also a great time to consider a spring clean of ourselves by doing a detox or cleanse. Equinox’s are a great time to reflect, retreat and ease yourself safely into the new spring energy by cutting down on the heaviness of winter foods that have helped fuel us through the cold.

First, lighten up your toxin load. Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats, all of which act as toxins in the body. Stress is another deterrent to good health. It triggers your body to release stress hormones into your system. While these hormones can provide the “adrenaline rush” to win a race or meet a deadline, in large amounts they create toxins and make your liver work much harder trying to deal with these.  So it’s a good idea to detox stressful life situations along with detoxifying your body.

Secondly, look at what you are putting into your body. At least 2 litres of water are needed daily for your body to function. Taking a bottle of water with you when you go out, or if you sit at a desk, ensure that as soon as your glass is empty, refill it straight away. If you’re like me, there’s always “something” to do, that is more important than filling an empty glass, getting into this good habit will benefit your health incredibly.

Next, look at your diet to give your digestive system a kick start. A diet based on beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds for protein, fruit and vegetables for lots of valuable nutrients. Minimize starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta bread and other flour products. It is best to avoid meat, fish and dairy food. Also stay off manufactured and processes foods as almost all contain a selection of high levels of fat, sugar, salt and chemicals. Cooking destroys some of the nutritious elements in foods, so eating raw food when you can avoids loss.

For a more intense cleanse, try a juice fast for 3 days… an internal shower. It is best not to use too much fruit because of the sugar contents. Lots of different coloured, organic vegetable is ideal.

To support your system one of these homeopathic remedies may benefit your cleanse and can be taken in low potency such as a 6c:-

  •    Berberis stimulates the kidneys and gallbladder and is a liver remedy. It helps if there is pain in liver and kidneys and is useful if there has been a history of bladder inflammation or cystitis.
  •    Carduus Marianus protects the liver from toxins and stimulates damaged liver cells to regrow. It can help cleanse the liver and assists digestions of fatty foods.
  •   Chelidonium also assists detoxification and clears blockages in the liver. It has been known to reduce blood pressure. A keynote for use of this remedy is if the right scapula is painful or history of right lung problems.
  •    Taraxacum has a diuretic effect and is used as a kidney cleanse and liver remedy. Use if there is fluid retention or difficulty urinating. You may notice a mapped tongue which is a useful indicator for this remedy.

Here a couple of simple naturopathic techniques you can use to support your body during a cleanse:

  • Dry Skin Brushing The Skin is an organ of elimination just like the kidneys and the colon, and more than 1lb of waste products are discharged through the skin every day! If the Skin becomes inactive with the pores choked by millions of dead cells, then impurities will remain within the body. How do you Dry Skin Brush? Using a natural, not synthetic body brush (preferably with a long handle), brush the skin when dry, starting at the soles of your feet and working your way up your legs, your front torso and your back, brushing as vigorously as you feel able to. Next do your hands and up your arms. Focus the brush strokes towards the heart. Don’t do your face but you can brush the back of your neck and scalp.
  • Hot and Cold Water therapy is a cleansing, revitalising and energising way to support your body and it’s totally free! Switching from hot to cold 3 times at the end of your morning shower will encourage blood flow to the surface of your skin pushing toxins out through the skin whilst encouraging circulation Gradually build up the temperatures as you go so that the last times are much hotter and much colder. Staying under the cold for a good 20-30 seconds at the end will leave you feeling fabulous! Finishing with cold brings about internal heat as the body will want to regain its temperature. Leaving yourself hot will not do the same. If you don’t have a shower then cool yourself down after your bath. Splash yourself all over with cool/cold water, especially your feet and legs (this helps to calm a busy mind). In an ideal world you would dry skin brush first thing in the morning, then shower after, ending with the hot and cold switch! A fabulous way to start any day.

What is one of the most important ways to detoxify the body? Exercise, whether its taking the dog out, gardening, walking the kids to school or more structured with a class of yoga, qi gong or pilates anything that gets the heart working that little bit harder will benefit your detox.

Mothers Day (18th March)

As my way of ‘BIGGING UP’ all the mums out there, I am offering my time on Monday 19th March free of charge (donations welcome which will go to charity). Interested?? If you are a mum and bring your children to the clinic, or if you come to the clinic and think your mother would benefit from a consultation with me then book in. Simple as that… Act quickly though as there are limited spaces.

So with your detox planned and your mother indulged, why don’t you go and try standing that egg on its end….. Or you could save yourself some time and eggs, apparently the equinox has nothing to do with it, it’s near on impossible at any time of the year!

Where to buy Homeopathic remedies – Homeopathic remedies can be bought from healthfood shops, chemists or pop into the clinic.

Homeopathic remedies are often used as self-help for simple conditions, however for more serious complaints a homeopath, GP or health professional should be consulted before using homeopathic medicines.

Written by Sarah Allenby-Byrne, Homeopath