This is a little bit about Anne French 

I was in a nasty car accident when I was 21years of age. After months of pain, a friend dragged me into to her own Chiropractor for treatment. I was amazed that the Chiropractor could help me and remember being fascinated at the time and thinking that I would love to be able to train in this wonderful art and offer the same help to other people.

I never stayed in one place long enough ( place or country) to actually study to become a Chiropractor and it wasn’t until I was 36 years old that I decided to apply to the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. I did a 4 year BSc. (Hons), and then continued studying to get my MSc. Chiropractic. I have been practicing for 12 years and have never looked back. I love what I do.

My true passion is to find that little thing that motivates a patient to make tiny lifestyle changes that can have an immensely positive impact on their health.

  • Favourite film: The colour purple
  • First record/CD: Build me up buttercup and Love child (bought at the same time).
  • Favourite colour: Can’t chose, just love colour
  • Favourite pastime: pastime – what’s that?
  • Pet: A cat called Pussycat (couldn’t think of a name beautiful enough for her)
  • Sleep patterns: I love waking up
  • Favourite meal: nasi sajur
  • Hero/heroin: Emma Peel (!!!)
  • Motivated to: do better
  • Favourite Sport: Dance
  • Laughs at: Almost everything or passionately ranting about something else