Richard Husseiny

Richard works at Coast as a Sports Therapist, and also with the English Institute of Sport as a strength & conditioning coach with the Olympian Team GB divers and disability equestrian athletes. His main focus with them is to improve performance, by increasing their ability to generate force in relation to the sport they are involved with, and reduce injury by making them more robust, enabling them to train more hours.

His work at Coast enables him to adapt the skills he uses with elite athletes. This can often provide fantastic results, as long as the client undertakes responsibility to the advice given. There is never a quick fix.

In the future Richard would like to study a PhD in the field of either power development or youth athletic development.

Coastee’s Q and A

Favourite film:  Bladerunner

Favourite CD: M83 Hurry up, we’re dreaming

Favourite colour: Blue / purple

Favourite pastime: Sport & good food

Pet: Boxer dog

Favourite meal: Good fish

Hero/heroin: Too many to say

Motivated to:  Live life to it’s fullest

Favourite Sport:  Snowboarding