Ginny, who has been teaching yoga at Coast for five years, recently attended a week’s teacher intensive training in London with Shiva Rea, one of the world’s leading Vinyasa Flow yoga teachers.   Here is what Ginny has to say about her course and the influence this will bring to her Monday evening class.

Vinyasa Flow, in Shiva Rea’s words is “a natural sequence unfolding with creative intelligence – a conscious evolution connecting each moment with unifying breath.”  This dance-like style of yoga, in which we are rarely holding postures statically (except for those that ask for it, such as balancing poses) requires us to be completely present with our body and breathe.

I have found the benefits of switching my daily yoga practice to Vinyasa Flow to include stronger core, (my abdominals seriously ached after the first few days of the course!), my upper and lower body strength has increased and I feel more toned.  I have found that the concentration I employ during my yoga practice leaves me feeling very calm afterwards and as a result my meditation practice has also become easier.

The art of sequencing Vinyasa Flow yoga, as taught by Shiva Rea, is really intelligent – we work our way to a ‘peak posture’ (e.g. an arm balance or backbend) but we approach this in waves, each wave becoming more challenging than the preceding one, so that we can choose to stay with the earlier stages of preparation if we are not ready for the peak posture.  This wave sequencing teaches us that it’s ok to be where we are and that evolution is possible, an understanding that we can take with us in all areas of our lives.

My Dynamic Flow class will be re-launched as Vinyasa Flow and is now set to music.  The class is not suitable for beginners to yoga so if you hope to join this class one day, why not start off with a Hatha Yoga class first?

Ginny is off to Turkey soon to teach on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Holiday 16th – 23rd July.  There are two rooms left so if you fancy booking a last minute week in the sun with yoga, great food and like-minded people, please see Ginny’s website for further details.

Written by Ginny Haswell