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The summer has come and gone and it’s time to get the kids back to school.

A study conducted by the BCA in 2008 found that 45% of children had already suffered with some kind of back pain by the age of 11. Why? Well the same study also found that 72% of Britain’s kids are carrying around heavy books and sports equipment for most of the day. Plus, the world has changed and therefore, so has the stresses and strains on our children’s bodies.

So the real question is – what can we do to improve our children’s posture and health?

Well – quite a lot actually.

1. Bag
– The best way to carry all those books is in a rucksack, where the straps are adjusted so that the bag is held close to the body and the weight is distributed evenly over both shoulders.
– Keep the weight of the bag as low as possible so only pack necessary items.

2. Exercise
– Encourage your child to get off the couch and exercising. Regular exercise will result in a fitter child which means your child will have less chance of injuries.
– Walk or bike to school if possible.

– Richard Husseiny wrote a great blog on this early in the year. Definitely worth a read

3. Computer/gaming

– Make sure your child is sitting comfortably and their spine is supported.
– Put an alarm on the computer so that they get up every 20 to 30 minutes and just walk around their chair before they sit at the computer again.
– Most importantly – limit the time on the computer.

4. TV

– Limit the time spent watching TV.
5. Diet
– Give them real food, not pre-cook/processed food. Buy it, cook it, and eat it.

If you would like us to check your child’s posture for the start of the school year, you are in luck as Richard Clements, Osteopath and myself, Anne French, Chiropractor, are offering Free Posture Checks for the month of September. Call the clinic to book your child’s now.

Written by Anne French



So it is September again, and there is that sense of getting back to it after the break of the summer. The kids are back at school and the energy is about to begin the yin part of the cycle, back into autumn and winter, and then onto spring where it all begins again.

But now there is a sense of wanting that structure and discipline after letting it all go in the fire, (supposedly,) of summer. That`s why so many people come back to classes of all kinds at this time of year and especially I find my Qi Gong classes are busiest here. Because we all need discipline, structure and routine to help us get anywhere.

Qi Gong teaches us how to move our body with our breath in a coordinated, yet soft way, developing an awareness and quiet mind. It brings our structure into physical alignment and gives our minds direction through learning something new. We learn about our bodies, our health and what makes us tick by engaging with something new that challenges us.

The real challenge is to stick with it. Growth can only come through practice and commitment. Familiarity with simple Qi Gong movements creates a sense of comfort that changes physical structure and reveals a subtler sense of a more meditative, internal world.

That’s why I run my Qi Gong courses as pre-paid blocks of 6 weeks. Anyone is always welcome to come and try a class for free, the first one is so people can see if they like it, but after that I ask you to commit for a few weeks, to give yourself a chance of growing and learning something really useful and valuable.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step, this way, I just help you make those first few steps!

So please feel free to come and try a class, there will be a Free Class on Wednesday 12th September at 12 pm. All are welcome, the week after that we`ll begin with a short course exploring some basic ideas and movements central to all Tai chi and Qi Gong.

Please call Coast to book your place as numbers are limited. See you there and have fun!

Written by Jeremy Marshall

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