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I just can’t believe how quickly the time passed. I am now starting to panic because there are still things I want to complete before my return to the clinic (which is just around the corner).

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you that have sent your warm regards and get well cards. It’s like Christmas every time I go to the clinic.


So – what have I been up to?

  • I have done a couple of weekend seminars (don’t usually have the energy for these by the end of the week). One was a neurology course which I really enjoyed as I had to think. The other was a course on ethical business building – got a few ideas. Met up with some old chiropractor friends and made a couple of new one. I never get to hang out with chiropractors so I actually really enjoyed it.
  • Amanda, massage therapist, and myself got together at my place to do some additional exercise video’s for the website. They are simple, short and sweet but also cover all areas the body from head to foot, literally. So now I need to re-vamp the exercise video area on the website so that they are easy to find for all of you.
  • Our email was hacked (sorry about that) which seemed to take days to recover but recover it I did – finally! If you have had contact with us in the recent past via email, I would change my password if I were you, just in case.
  • I have done some painting at home. Whoops!


It looks sort of yellow in the photo but it’s actually lime green (yes, I know that doesn’t make it any better). Just shows you how dangerous it is to have time off work.

  • I’ve caught up on lots of paper work – I hate paper work.
  • I have long nails. Haven’t had those since I started to train as a chiropractor. Quite a novelty.
  • I’ve socialised so much more than usual – nice!
  • Done a bit of retail therapy but had to put a stop to that ( I’m already too good at it).
  • Done a lot of other kind of therapy since I last wrote – I’ve been having Massage with Amanda and Jeanette, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Chiropractic with Paula, who I know a lot of you have met as she is covering for me whilst I’m recovering.  As well as veggie juicing, using an exercise bike (a friend lent me one from her gym as I can’t ride mine at the moment, I’m a lucky girl), taking lots of supplements to speed the healing and doing a bit of meditation/visualisation.
  • Reading (yum).
  • Watching my (home) garden grow.


These are bigger than my hand! And they just keep going. Love them!

  • Been having lots of cuddles with PussyCat. Which seem to have been a mandatory part of the healing process, as far as PussyCat is concerned anyway.


All in all Folks, I’ve been enjoying myself.

See you soon.

(For those of you that would like to read the first blog – click here)

Written by Anne French


            So it is father’s day soon, that time of year when it is Dads turn to be remembered and recognised for what they do. Traditionally men have a role of provider and protector and of putting others first; acknowledging illness or weakness were simply not allowed. (Except man flu of course!)

I don’t know how much that holds true these days but all I know is 75% of my patients are women. Most men only seek treatment for pain, so why is that? I`m sure men suffer from insomnia or depression or reduced fertility but it takes a lot for them to come for treatment. Perhaps it’s just our nature, acknowledging those things is a sign of weakness whereas women just don`t have that mind-set. Perhaps it’s just our nature to soldier on regardless until our wives and partners drag us into the clinic!

All I know is the men I do treat are very cool. As the world we know gets crazier to live in, I see a proportionate growth in consciousness and awareness in both sexes, and often the men that do arrive for treatment are part of this wave. Letting go of outdated mind-sets is essential for growth in the 21st century. Life goes so fast we have no option  but to let go of things that are just not useful anymore.




The speed of evolution being offered is huge in this age. Just look at some of the things we do here at Coast: yoga, pilates, Qi gong, homeopathy, massage, sacro-cranial, chiropractic, osteopathy, and acupuncture. All of these things have moved from esoteric to mainstream in the last twenty years.

Yoga used to be what Madonna did, now everybody understands it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Even Tai chi, most people understand, is a way of maintaining good mental and physical health. Maybe it’s the growth of this feminine principle, of this consciousness that`s making us blokes uncertain of where we fit in. But like all good Tai chi, modern life needs aware male energy just as much as female. We must find a way to marry technology and sustainability, both together are the only way forward if we are to survive and thrive in this age.

So this Father’s day, whether you are a father or not, let go of some limiting belief about yourself and do something that you have wanted to do for a while but have been putting off. Join the evolution; you owe it to yourself, your community and your planet!

Written by Jeremy Marshall, Acupuncturist, TaiChi/QiGong Instructor

Those of you that are patients of mine, may know that last year I sold my car and bought a bike to make life cheaper (definitely not helped at the moment), healthier  and better for the environment (those are still positives). However, earlier in the week, I cleverly did a very impressive somersault off my bike. I found myself flying through the air to then make contact with the rather hard road surface, head first (which doesn’t seem to have changed anything?). Thank you to the kind people on Church Road that stopped to help me. It was greatly appreciated.

After reassuring everyone that I was fine; I got back on my bike and rode home. It was then that I realised that I didn’t seem to have much control (the pain came later) of my right arm. Made a mental note to ice my arm when I got home, which I did, then I went back to work – Duh! Thank you Sarah, our Homeopath who took one look at me and gave me arnica. Three hours later I thought that I was feeling a little too much pain and that may be it was because I had a fracture (it’s hard sometimes to be objective about your own well-being).

The nurse at Brighton A&E couldn’t have been more perfect for me. She understood my tears of anger, frustration and worry at being self-employed and said all the right, truthful things that I needed to hear. A very big THANK YOU to her (unfortunately my befuddled brain is unable to re-call your name). radial-head-fractureThe fracture was not that clear on the x-ray (this is common in new fractures) but the inflamed fat pads at the elbow and my lack of ability to pronate or supernate my right elbow, strongly suggested a radial head fracture. So I was sent on my way with kind words (which I needed) and codeine (which I haven’t needed).

On the bus home… the reality of not being able to work for 6 weeks… how were my patients going to cope… how was the clinic going to be able to cope… how was I going to cope. Sh*t happens and in the whole realm of terrible things that could have happened to me this was nothing, just a fractured arm. I decided very quickly that if I couldn’t work for 6 weeks then I would really use those 6 weeks to my benefit and do the things that I want to do but never seem to have the time or energy to do. But first I would need to take care of the clinic.

As soon as I got home I called around to try to find a suitable chiropractor to locum for me. Thank you to Matt and Amber at Sundial House and Karen at ICAK for all your efforts. I called an old friend of mine from college, Paula Moore; we were in the same year at the AECC and so therefore, graduated together.  I lucked out as she was able to cover a couple of days a week for me. YIPPEE and thank you Paula. Now all we had to do was convince my rather loyal patients, that seeing Paula was a good thing and that waiting 6 weeks for me to return was not. They are coming around to the idea, especially when they realise that she is much ‘nicer’ than me. Paula and the clinic settled, now  time to heal…

A friend, Lin Bridgeford,  had heard of my predicament and offered her help with some sound therapy. Something I had never experienced before so was interested to try.  I love listening to music and feel great after singing or dancing so it makes sense to me that sound could be of benefit. Lin left me feeling calm, relaxed and feeling ‘lighter’. Thank you Lin.

A little later, another friend of mine, Jeremy Corner, who produces the most beautiful greeting/wedding cards (his wife, Jo, generously did the art hanging in the clinic and they also provide the clinic birthday cards), popped over with some comfrey (also know as ‘bone knit’) from his garden. Thank you Jeremy. I hastily turned my one hand to making a poultice which turned out to be quite a messy business due to not having the correct tools. Here it is on video for those of you that would like to know how to (or how NOT to) make a poultice.

I left the poultice on for about 4 hours then went to bed. The next morning I could touch my nose (with my fractured right arm), wash my left armpit as well as apply a deodorant, do up my bra (no easy feat with one arm) and not spend 5 minutes in the toilet just trying to pull my knickers up. All in all, if you ever have a fracture, I would highly recommend using comfrey poultices, it helped with both reducing the inflammation and pain.

Later that day, I had lunch with a friend, Tracy Gates (Osteopath and owner of Pure Bio, suppliers of great supplements, herbs & stuff), but pre-lunch she gave me some treatment for my battered head and ribs. I think the treatment was more painful than the fracture. Yeh – I know all my patients are saying ‘Huh – now you know what it feels like’. Believe me, I do. Thanks Tracy, it was really needed and appreciated.

A rather good start to 6 weeks of healing. I’ll keep you posted.

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