So it is father’s day soon, that time of year when it is Dads turn to be remembered and recognised for what they do. Traditionally men have a role of provider and protector and of putting others first; acknowledging illness or weakness were simply not allowed. (Except man flu of course!)

I don’t know how much that holds true these days but all I know is 75% of my patients are women. Most men only seek treatment for pain, so why is that? I`m sure men suffer from insomnia or depression or reduced fertility but it takes a lot for them to come for treatment. Perhaps it’s just our nature, acknowledging those things is a sign of weakness whereas women just don`t have that mind-set. Perhaps it’s just our nature to soldier on regardless until our wives and partners drag us into the clinic!

All I know is the men I do treat are very cool. As the world we know gets crazier to live in, I see a proportionate growth in consciousness and awareness in both sexes, and often the men that do arrive for treatment are part of this wave. Letting go of outdated mind-sets is essential for growth in the 21st century. Life goes so fast we have no option  but to let go of things that are just not useful anymore.




The speed of evolution being offered is huge in this age. Just look at some of the things we do here at Coast: yoga, pilates, Qi gong, homeopathy, massage, sacro-cranial, chiropractic, osteopathy, and acupuncture. All of these things have moved from esoteric to mainstream in the last twenty years.

Yoga used to be what Madonna did, now everybody understands it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Even Tai chi, most people understand, is a way of maintaining good mental and physical health. Maybe it’s the growth of this feminine principle, of this consciousness that`s making us blokes uncertain of where we fit in. But like all good Tai chi, modern life needs aware male energy just as much as female. We must find a way to marry technology and sustainability, both together are the only way forward if we are to survive and thrive in this age.

So this Father’s day, whether you are a father or not, let go of some limiting belief about yourself and do something that you have wanted to do for a while but have been putting off. Join the evolution; you owe it to yourself, your community and your planet!

Written by Jeremy Marshall, Acupuncturist, TaiChi/QiGong Instructor