I had hoped to write an article on skin problems regarding sunburn, but, well we best not go there… Instead I thought I`d write about traditional skin problems and their treatment with acupuncture.

Lately I’ve treated a few people successfully with urticaria and psoriasis and so would like to share a Chinese view of these problems. Because Chinese medicine developed from an observation of nature and its laws, its language is based on these concepts and how it describes skin problems is a great example of this.

 Discoid, or plaque psoriasis.

Discoid, or plaque psoriasis.

Chinese medicine is like detective work, you have to ask questions, listen and observe to understand what`s going on inside. With skin problems the problem is right there in front of you to see, and a quiet mind and some logic will reveal all. If its red, there`s heat in the blood, if its itchy there`s a lot of heat. If its dry and scaly the heat has created dryness in the skin and there`s a lack of blood and fluids. If it oozes fluid or is swollen or raised its damp, if the skin problem moves around then there is wind. If the patches are more purple, then the blood is more stuck.

Generally skin problems are a combination of heat, wind and damp. Underlying that, are problems with the spleen, liver and the blood. The problem lies in the subtle combination of these elements and the chronicity of the problem. People often arrive at my door after having problems for years and this has depleted the body and its resources. The issue has become like a ball of knotted string, and knowing how to unpick and de tangle it can take time and patience.

Together with diet, acupuncture can help, greatly reduce the suffering of skin problems by aiming to treat the root cause of the problem which is manifesting on the skin.  So if you yourself or you know of anyone with eczema, urticaria, or psoriasis then let them know acupuncture may be able to help and give us a call. We will try our very best to help you.

Written by Jeremy Marshall