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Tai chi is at last coming to Coast! Hurray! There will be a FREE CLASS on Tuesday October 15th between 7-8pm and then a 6 week beginner course will begin the week after that.

            This course is about teaching the principles and exercises that form the basis of Tai chi. But what is Tai chi exactly I hear you ask? Well, Tai chi, or more correctly Tai ji quan means grand ultimate fist, or something similar, and is an “internal” martial art from China. Internal means its based on developing a soft integrated energetic body.

            Tai chi is itself philosophy in action following the infamous yin yang symbol in its movements and fighting methods. Essentially soft internal styles like tai ji dont rely on strength for success but on training the ability to connect, follow  and divert or return an opponents energy. ie also known as going with the flow. If something is coming towards you, you must go with it until it naturally runs its course, (yin) and then you can return the energy once the conditions are right (yang). Trying to force something when it ain`t the right moment generally doesn`t work last time I tried it. ie Tai chi is about following the natural laws of the universe.

            Thus the training of tai chi mind and body  has a major effect on your daily life as we engage with the yin and yang of situations beyond our control. Like I said, this stuff is deep.

            But this class has nothing to do with fighting or the martial arts and everything to do with good health, posture, letting go and gaining a sense of your bodies energy and stillness. So if you`v e ever wondered what Tai chi was all about, now is the time to come and check it out!

            Book now as spaces are limited by calling the clinic on 01273 321133!

Written by Jeremy Marshall


It’s official – we appear to have become a Spa for ailing orchids!

We have received another 2 ailing plants that will probably spend a few months recuperating at the clinic before returning home to their concerned owners.

This one keeps on giving.

This one keeps on giving.

We are always being asked what we do to orchids that makes them seem to perpetually bloom? So here it is…

I feed them approximately once every month or so; I water them once a week in the summer, a lot less in the winter months; Yes – okay, I talk to them and tell them how beautiful they are but the reason our orchids do so well at the clinic, is because of the large north facing window that gives lots of light but not direct sunlight.

Here are some more of ours.

Here are some more of ours.

There you go – hope it helps you to create your own little Orchid Spa Resort.

Written by Anne French


So the summer seems to be over! Finally we had a classic British summer and September is suddenly here, luckily for us it seems like the weather will hold just a little while longer.

In Chinese philosophy late summer is the time of the Earth element. It is that moment after the growth and activity of summer and before the autumn begins and the leaves and the light levels fall. The earth is the centre around which the other elements move. Now is the time when the fruit on the trees is just ready. The blackberries have grown, they`re ready and just waiting to be picked.

For me there`s just a sense right now of the calm before the storm. Before it all begins again, the kids go back to school and the seasons march onwards to Christmas(!).

So Just allow yourself a moment of reflection and gratitude, for the summer we had and what is about to arrive. I hope the stillness of these days leaves you feeling recharged and ready for the fun and games ahead.


Remember the breath is the still point in life. It is what brings you back to the present moment. Observing the in-breath and the out-breath and the gap in-between will help to create stillness and relaxation.


Try this basic Buddhist meditation


Find somewhere comfortable to sit, with your back reasonably straight and feet flat on the floor. Try and find somewhere without any distractions. Oh and put your phone on silent for 5 minutes.


Close your eyes and focus all of your attention on the nostrils.


Breath in. Notice the cool sensation of the air rushing in.


Observe any pause in the breath.


Breath out. Notice the warm air rushing out.


That`s it. Just try and be present with the breath. Focus your entire attention on these sensations. When your mind wanders bring it back to the task in hand, it’s just your monkey mind distracting you.


Keep breathing for a few minutes until you feel relaxed, have had enough or reach enlightenment (if you do, let us know).


That`s it! Enjoy the stillness of these days!

By Jeremy Marshall

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