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Are you stuck on what to buy him/her for the perfect gift? Well here are some healthy options we sell at Coast that will be well used and loved.

Foam Roller: wouldn’t want to be without mine.

We have 2 different makes, one is cheaper than the other; both will do the job. Obviously the more expensive one is better quality plus it comes with a ‘how to’ CD.

These rollers are great for working on soft tissue like the ITB (video below) but you can roll out any part of your body on these, gluts, lats etc. You can also do strengthening core and balance exercises on them.

Cost: £23.50 or £29.50

Jack Knobber: also known as ‘my tool of torture‘.

This little tool is indestructible.

I use mine everyday on many bodies (as some of you will know) and have done so for the past 9 years and it looks the same as it did on the day I got it. You can use it on hard to get to muscles by resting it against a wall and leaning into it or by holding it and applying pressure with or without movement.

Cost: £10.99

Jack Knobber

Jack Knobber

Prickly Balls:

Love these little balls; they are so handy and soooooooo cheap! You can use these to work on any muscle or tissue eg feet, buttocks, shoulders. A great stocking stuffer.

Cost: £4.00

Prickly Ball

Prickly Ball

Maybe, instead of making the decision yourself, you could buy a Coast Gift Voucher; starting at £5 and up which can be used on any of our therapies (Mmmm a massage), one of our exercise classes (Yoga, Pliates or TaiChi) or any of our products. Got be a safe bet!

A healthy Merry Christmas from all of us.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 

Tuesday, Dec 24th 10am – 1pm
Wednesday, Dec 25th closed
Thursday, Dec 26th closed
Friday, Dec 27th 10am – 7pm
Saturday, Dec 28th 9am – 1pm
Sunday, Dec 30th closed

Monday, Dec 30th 2pm – 7pm
Tuesday, Dec 31st 10am – 1pm
Wednesday, Jan 1st closed
Thursday, Jan 2nd closed
Friday, Jan 3rd open as normal

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Take time to relax and enjoy doing whatever will make you happy.

We are around if you need us, so just give us a call.

New! Four Week Focus Yoga courses with Ginny
Ginny is really excited to be offering a series of 4 week courses throughout the next year, each with a specific focus.  Expect anything from yoga for runners to office workers; yoga for stress and anxiety; yoga for necks, shoulders & wrists; yoga for a strong core and better posture.  These are just a few of the offerings in the pipeline.

Yoga is not just for flexible bodies. Yoga is not all about tying ourselves up like a pretzel (although that can be fun!)  Ginny is passionate about teaching yoga to help individuals support themselves on the path to better health and happier lives, whilst making it fun and accessible to all.

These courses will mostly be limited to 6 students to allow maximum individual attention and you will be given notes and handouts to encourage you to keep up the good work yourself.

January:  Detox and Digestive Health
Wednesdays 8th – 29th January 2014  6.00 – 7.15pm

4 weeks £48
Get a happy gut with Ginny

Get a happy gut with Ginny

Do you tend to overindulge over the festive season? Do all those parties and family gatherings leave you feeling sluggish and heavy?  Help is at hand! 

You will learn how to use specific yoga postures and techniques to aid digestion whilst flushing out toxins and strengthening the digestive organs. Relaxation, classic yoga postures and Yin Yoga (floor based postures held for a length of time) will leave your tummy feeling in tip-top shape for the year ahead.

This course is suitable for everyone, including those with no previous yoga experience. You will be given handouts and encouraged to do a little homework!

Mat spaces are limited to 6 people, so book your place now!

What’s coming up….February:  Neck, shoulders, wrists and handsDon’t miss our next newsletter for further details.

Hello!  And welcome to December. Can we be there already?!

There is always that feeling that Christmas is the light in the middle of the tunnel that is winter. The half way point and the end of the darkness of Scorpio and November. Indeed, later in the month the 21st sees the shortest day and that switch from yin to yang energy which will see the coming of Spring. Still, that`s a long way off now!

Now is a time of keeping warm, eating warm nourishing foods and trying to rest before the celebrations begin and all those Christmas parties undo all that good work!

So it is with the cold in mind that I am going to offer one piece of advice for all those bad backs out there. Keep your back warm. It may sound obvious but I still see people who stride around on a sunny day in a T shirt or jumper. Chinese medicine understands how cold and damp can penetrate into weakened areas of the body and perpetuate an existing problem or create further pain and spasm. Backs are particularly vulnerable as Its the gap between top and bottom that is exposed when we bend over to tie our shoe laces.

Kidney warmers

Kidney warmers

Wearing an extra layer or even a Kidney warmer will just add an extra degree of warmth to those already struggling kidneys or bad backs. A kidney warmer is strip of material that wraps around the midriff and are ideal presents for yourself or your partner with a bad back. They offer warmth but also support and help to keep everything in. A three in one bonus!

Here’s a link to some I found on line

So that`s one less present to get at least! Have a great December and Christmas!

Written by Jeremy Marshall

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