Hello!  And welcome to December. Can we be there already?!

There is always that feeling that Christmas is the light in the middle of the tunnel that is winter. The half way point and the end of the darkness of Scorpio and November. Indeed, later in the month the 21st sees the shortest day and that switch from yin to yang energy which will see the coming of Spring. Still, that`s a long way off now!

Now is a time of keeping warm, eating warm nourishing foods and trying to rest before the celebrations begin and all those Christmas parties undo all that good work!

So it is with the cold in mind that I am going to offer one piece of advice for all those bad backs out there. Keep your back warm. It may sound obvious but I still see people who stride around on a sunny day in a T shirt or jumper. Chinese medicine understands how cold and damp can penetrate into weakened areas of the body and perpetuate an existing problem or create further pain and spasm. Backs are particularly vulnerable as Its the gap between top and bottom that is exposed when we bend over to tie our shoe laces.

Kidney warmers

Kidney warmers

Wearing an extra layer or even a Kidney warmer will just add an extra degree of warmth to those already struggling kidneys or bad backs. A kidney warmer is strip of material that wraps around the midriff and are ideal presents for yourself or your partner with a bad back. They offer warmth but also support and help to keep everything in. A three in one bonus!

Here’s a link to some I found on line http://www.annamare.com/en/kidney-warmers.html

So that`s one less present to get at least! Have a great December and Christmas!

Written by Jeremy Marshall