Are you stuck on what to buy him/her for the perfect gift? Well here are some healthy options we sell at Coast that will be well used and loved.

Foam Roller: wouldn’t want to be without mine.

We have 2 different makes, one is cheaper than the other; both will do the job. Obviously the more expensive one is better quality plus it comes with a ‘how to’ CD.

These rollers are great for working on soft tissue like the ITB (video below) but you can roll out any part of your body on these, gluts, lats etc. You can also do strengthening core and balance exercises on them.

Cost: £23.50 or £29.50

Jack Knobber: also known as ‘my tool of torture‘.

This little tool is indestructible.

I use mine everyday on many bodies (as some of you will know) and have done so for the past 9 years and it looks the same as it did on the day I got it. You can use it on hard to get to muscles by resting it against a wall and leaning into it or by holding it and applying pressure with or without movement.

Cost: £10.99

Jack Knobber

Jack Knobber

Prickly Balls:

Love these little balls; they are so handy and soooooooo cheap! You can use these to work on any muscle or tissue eg feet, buttocks, shoulders. A great stocking stuffer.

Cost: £4.00

Prickly Ball

Prickly Ball

Maybe, instead of making the decision yourself, you could buy a Coast Gift Voucher; starting at £5 and up which can be used on any of our therapies (Mmmm a massage), one of our exercise classes (Yoga, Pliates or TaiChi) or any of our products. Got be a safe bet!

A healthy Merry Christmas from all of us.