Yay – it’s over. I like Christmas but it does drag on forever it seems. We contaminant our bodies with so many over indulgences, disrupt all our usual routines, sleep less and emotionally stress ourselves (1) that by the end of it we are completely knackered and have stressed our immune systems to the limit leaving us open to any nasty virus lurking around and walk around looking like hell.

So chuck out any left over unhealthy food (pleeeeease). Get back to a daily routine with enough sleep – your body will love you.

As a chiropractor, I am never really off duty. Usually, even  at a social get together, a new acquaintance will finally get around to the obligatory question ‘What do you do then?  Or a family member or friend will ask me ‘What do I think of…?’ Or ‘What should I do for…?’ But probably the number one question I am asked, especially at this time of year,  is – ‘So what can I do that would most improve my health?’

I can say, without hesitation – vegetable juicing everyday.

A glass of health

A glass of health

At this time of year, there is a plethora of information on how to detox. We may buy all the products suggested but lets face it – sometimes we don’t even last the 1st week of January. This is not about doing something that extreme (even though i think really detoxing is a wonderful idea and will recommend how to best achieve this at a later date), this is about one simple thing that you can include in your day that will help your body in so many way as well as make your skin/hair/nails look good.

Why juice?

Easy – you will never be able to eat the same amount of raw vegetables that you will be able to drink as juice. Vegetable juice is a very potent source of biological antioxidants (2) as well as being highly alkaline. PLUS it is easier for your body to extract nutrients from it than ‘ a meal’  therefore your body can get on with eliminating toxins from your system – in other words – allowing your body to detoxify itself; this in turn has shown to be beneficial in controlling diseases (2) (3) (4).

You need a juicer – they vary in price; a friend of mine recently bought one in Argus for £30. Realistically, the more you pay the better the juicer. I would look at spending at least £100. With these you probably won’t be able to juice grasses/greens. There are many brands out there. I would recommend a Hurom or a Green Star if you have the dosh. If you don’t – get anything as long as you can create vegetable juice with it. Then juice any and every vegetable that you can and drink it everyday, as many times a day as you wish. You could even substitute ‘a meal’ with a juice (why buy processed food powders when you have nature at hand) if you are wanting to reduce your weight.

If I could get everyone of my patients to do one thing – it would be to include juicing into their daily routine. So if you are looking at making a truly beneficial lasting change, that is simple to apply – JUICE.

If you would like more information – please don’t hesitate to ask.

Written by Anne French

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