Representing the Chinese part of the team here at Coast, I thought I would wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

In Chinese five element theory – horse is a Fire animal and 2014 is a year of the Wood Horse, sochinese_new_year_2014_year_of_the_horse_c2 expect this year to be a bit of a wild ride, as the flames of fire are fuelled  by woods fuel.

Horses allow people to travel quickly to their destination and are a symbol of travelling and speedy success. All this fire, passion and movement will ensure we have a busy schedule for 2014 with lots to do socially, romantically and at work.

On a global scale the flames will create lots of activity and chaos especially over summer, and the Wood element will mean people stick to their principles and ideals. This sets the stage for conflict and extremes as the middle ground disappears.

Personally, this fast flowing horse energy can take us into intuitive  situations as the free spirited, wild, independent horse energy creates opportunities to be had. Simply put, If it feels right, then act fast and seize the day in this horse year!

So on that note, we would like to offer:

Half Price Acupuncture treatments for new patients who make an appointment by February 11th

So if something has been bothering you and you have been thinking about resolving that problem, then now is the time! Call the clinic 01273 321133. Carpe Diem!

Written by Jeremy Marshall