(i)  COURSE of 4x 30 minute MASSAGES  @ £96 ( SAVE 20%)
(ii) COURSE of 8x 30 minute MASSAGES @ £180 ( SAVE 25%)
Many of you have spent January trying to shed those excess Xmas pounds, now we’re entering February, so why Massagenot continue your health regime by committing to look after your body with a series of 30 minute treatments to ease away the aches & pains & stresses of daily living.
This is also a perfect opportunity for you to add a regular Sports massage into your training programme in the lead up to & after the marathon – PRE/POST EVENT MASSAGE. Reap the benefits of sports massage:
* INJURY PREVENTION – identifying potential problem areas & working on them/ breaking down areas of scar tissue/stretching tight muscles
* ENHANCING PERFORMANCE – speeds up recovery inbetween training sessions/ removes waste, improves circulation & nutrition to heal the tissue cells/improves flexibility/improves quality & quantity of training.
* Courses can be booked from 1st February 2014
* Treatments can be shared with partners/friends
* All treatments must be used by 30/04/2014