You may need a massage! Massage is a strategy that often gets overlooked when we’re talking about how to prevent running runners-injuriesinjuries and/or recovery. I, like many of you, am training for the Brighton Half Marathon. I want to share with you the direct effect that a Sports Massage can have on your body while training for and after a half or full marathon… The Benefits of a Sports Massage

  • Improves Circulation
  • Loosens Tight Muscles
  • Reduces Stress on Joints
  • Releases Tension and Rebalances the Musculoskeletal System
  • Decreases Recovery Time between Training Sessions
  • Identifies Areas of Tightness
  • Decreases Likelihood of Injuries
  • Maintains Flexibility and Pliability of Muscles
  • Maintains the Conditions of the Muscle Tissue –Encouraging Re-organisation of the Collagen in the Muscle
  • Decreases Stiffness After Increasing Mileage

I have found that these factors will directly improve the ability to train at a high level, therefore improving your overall performance. When should you have a sports massage? BEFORE THE EVENT Most people find scheduling appointments on the lighter training days more beneficial. This is mainly because it enables the therapist to treat any specific muscular tightness allowing a couple of day’s recovery before the long training runs. 
Alternatively some runners enjoy having the massage following their longer run to allow them to maximize their training performances throughout the week. 
A day’s recovery post treatment is advisable to maximise the body’s response and recovery time. 
It is suggested that whilst people are training for a half or full marathon they receive weekly massages. It is especially important to have massage towards the build up to the longer training weeks, usually placed about 4 weeks prior to the marathon. 
It is not recommended having your first ever Sports Massage in the week prior to the event. Everybody responds very different to Sports Massage. No components should be introduced in the late stage of event preparation in fear it could hinder performance. AFTER THE EVENT It is seen to be more valuable to receive massage as soon as possible following the event. As this helps to improve the recovery rate and reduces the intensity of delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) experienced 1-3 days post marathon. 
The style of massage is different from those received before the event or in other treatment sessions as it is geared at aiding the lymphatic system in its attempt at waste removal and recovery. Therefore, the massage techniques are applied more gently and fluently. As micro 
damage to the muscle tissue occurs during longer runs and the marathon the massage will be lighter also. How often should you have a massage? I would recommend a weekly or bi-weekly massages during peak training. For those on a budget, you can still see major benefits from massage by getting one per month. And of course I always recommend pre and post event massages for half marathons and marathons because of the massive benefit you can gain.


What you need to look for when trying to choose a good sports massage therapist… In my opinion, a good therapist will be active, preferably a runner or at least understand and/or experience many of the injuries that they will address with clients. It is important they are able to relate to what you might be experiencing both physically and emotionally. They should also be willing to work with other sports-minded health care professionals, such as chiropractors, physios, osteopaths, podiatrists and personal trainers. TOP TIP If you want to get a pre-race, deep tissue massage to loosen up your muscles, do it at least a week before your half/marathon. A deep tissue massage can have the effect of a hard workout on your muscles, so you don’t want to do it too close to the race.


(i)  COURSE of 4x 30 minute MASSAGES  @ £96 ( SAVE 20%)
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We are offering an exclusive massage offer until 30th April 2014 – specifically but not solely aimed to help Half Marathon and Marathon runners with pre and post treatment.

* Courses can be booked from 1st February 2014
* Treatments can be shared with partners/friends
* All treatments must be used by 30/04/2014
This is also a perfect opportunity for you to add a regular Sports Massage into your training programme in the lead up to & after the marathon – PRE/POST EVENT MASSAGE. Reap the benefits of sports massage!

See you at the start line – INJURY FREE Learnt, Practiced and Written By…          Natalie Harris Half Marathon Race Number 9164 Sports Therapist, Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer at Coast Chiropractic Clinic.