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Pilates is a method of exercise created by Joseph Pilates which improves muscular strength and function, improving posture and stability.

Our Pilates Instructor, Alison Mulford, teaches the Body Control Method of Pilates. This method promotes body awareness by infusing these eight principles into each exercise.

  • relaxation
  • co-ordination
  • alignment
  • stamina
  • concentration
  • centring
  • breathing
  • flow movements

We have filmed a short video to demonstrate the last principle – flow movements.



Many of the rehabilitation exercises I was taught while studying Chiropractic were based on Pilates. I remember thinking at the time that if/when I opened a clinic then I would want to offer Pilate’s classes for my patients as this exercise needs no special equipment, is suitable for any body type or level of fitness and therefore suitable for anyone.

If you are looking to improve your health/quality of life then join one of our Pilates Classes:


9am – Circuit Class – for those that like to push themselves!

10am – Intermediate

11am – Beginners


Pilates increases your body awareness, teaching you to control your body movement resulting in increased muscle tone, less injuries and improved posture which translates to looking good and a better quality of life.


Written by Anne French



New Hatha Yoga Class – Tuesday, 6.30pm, starting Feb 3rd.

We have finally found a great teacher to take over our Yoga Classes.

Savita Burke

Savita has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Coming from an Ayurvedic background, she has been practising Yoga most of her life. Yoga and the philosophy of Yoga is a part of her life and is as natural to her is breathing.

As well as teaching Yoga students, Savita teachers Yoga Instructors and Complementary Health Therapists at various classes/conferences in not only Yoga but Stress Management, Meditation, Motivation and Healthy Living both nationwide and internationally. She has also worked with Local Bough Councils, Local and BBC Worldwide Service Stations; written for Local and International Magazines and Newspapers and recorded CDs for both children and adults.

Savita has a down to earth approach, allowing each student to gently reach their potential and their bodies’ individual best.

Book your place by calling 01273 321133.

The perfect St.Valentines Gift!

You & your partner can share the unique romantic experience of receiving a relaxing table massage lying side by side . . . in the same room . . . at the same time.

The treatments are geared to meet individual needs – so whether you’d like a relaxing holistic massage or if you’d prefer a deep-tissue/sports massage – both can be catered for.


Massages take place in Coasts lovely newly refurbished Yoga Studio & are carried out with two of our resident therapists:

 Amanda Wilson & Jeanette Mahoney

60 minute treatment costs: £99

Bookings available :
FRI 13th @ 7pm
SAT 14th @ 4pm & 5.15pm
SUN 15th @ 11.15am & 12.30pm
MON 16th @ 7.15pm
Limited availability so please book as soon as possible with reception on 01273 321133, to avoid disappointment.
The perfect Valentines Day Gift 
For both of you!

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