New Hatha Yoga Class – Tuesday, 6.30pm, starting Feb 3rd.

We have finally found a great teacher to take over our Yoga Classes.

Savita Burke

Savita has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Coming from an Ayurvedic background, she has been practising Yoga most of her life. Yoga and the philosophy of Yoga is a part of her life and is as natural to her is breathing.

As well as teaching Yoga students, Savita teachers Yoga Instructors and Complementary Health Therapists at various classes/conferences in not only Yoga but Stress Management, Meditation, Motivation and Healthy Living both nationwide and internationally. She has also worked with Local Bough Councils, Local and BBC Worldwide Service Stations; written for Local and International Magazines and Newspapers and recorded CDs for both children and adults.

Savita has a down to earth approach, allowing each student to gently reach their potential and their bodies’ individual best.

Book your place by calling 01273 321133.