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You probably started some kind of lifestyle clean-up in January but possibly ran out of steam. Don’t be hard on yourself. January isn’t the best time to try detoxing as it is a time when the body needs lots of warming, hearty foods. The best time to start detoxing is around the Spring Equinox (March 20Th this year), which is the first official day of spring.

Spring is a time of renewal; just as nature wakes up and starts to blossom so do our bodies biorhythms come out of winter hibernation making it a powerful time to cleanse/detox your body.


Don’t groan – this doesn’t have to be a painful process. It will, however, leave you feeling invigorated and (truly) full of the joys of spring as well as looking better/fresher.

People seem to be unsure on how to detox correctly so last year I taught a 4 week Detox Class for those wanting support and information to go through the process at whatever level they wanted to, whether that was to just clean up a bit or deeply detox with the ‘how to’ plus importantly the ‘why to’. I loved doing it so have decided to teach another course this year.

Who needs to detox?

Quite simply, who doesn’t? Our bodies are in contact with toxins constantly whether it be by air, skin, food as well as mentally stressful situations that further stress our bodies. Studies have shown that years of subtle but consistent toxin exposure results in toxin accumulation in our fat cells. So, in reality, everyone would benefit from giving their body a chemical holiday.

What to expect from the class

In this class you will learn about your body and what you can do to enhance your health, as well as importantly, understanding why it helps. Regardless at what level of detoxing you wish to hit; just clean up your lifestyle or a really deep spring clean of your body – it’s up to you. Your body is amazing, however, it needs the time and space to have a spring clean and here is the class that can help and inspire you to do just that!

Week 1

  • Learn how your body actually cleans itself – perfectly.
  • Get ready – both practically and mentally

Week 2

  • Menu samples and guidance.
  • You may have heard about ‘alkalising your body’. What does that really mean?

Week 3

  • How to boost the cleanse and improve your immune system
  • The importance of movement

Week 4

  • Living in the now.
  • Healthy mind, healthy body.


Cleaning up your lifestyle habits will probably result in a reduction in weight – a plus for most people. One thing that is guaranteed, you will look (hair, skin, nails) better as well as feel great. If you were a dog, you would have a wet nose!

4 week course

starting – Wednesday, March 18th, at 7.30pm

course fees – £40


Anne’s detox class was packed with information – and gave me a framework with a really helpful weekly ‘check in’ so that I could find my own pace, and tackle the challenges that came up for me – I finally understood that detoxing is about giving your system a break – physical, mental, informed and gentle – that supports your system to do what it does best! 

The detox course has given me the tools and inspiration to take control and see detoxing as a positive process towards greater vitality.


So, if this is for you, book your place on the class by calling calling the clinic: 01273 321133. Don’t wait until the inspiration has passed – you know you have wanted to do it for ages – here is the help you have been looking for.

Written by Anne French


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