We thought we would try to help you out this year with finding the right gift for that certain person so we have put together some beautiful (and well priced) therapy gift packages as well as gift set that are already wrapped up for you.

Therapy Gift Vouchers

“Pure Relaxation” 

An indulgent treat to deeply relax the whole body and help you unwind

60 Mins Massage followed by a 30 min Reflexology treatment.

£60 for 1hr 30 min package.


“Top & Toe”

The perfect Christmas gift or may be indulge yourself after all that shopping.

40 min Indian Head Massage followed by a 30 min Reflexology treatment

£47 for 1 hr 10min package


 Gift Sets (all wrapped up for you)

Fitness Gift Set £17.25  (Total Value of £19.25)

Skipping Rope

Massage Ball

Coconut Water

Epsom Salts 1kg

* Could possibly substitute with a crystal deodorant


Detox Gift Set £26.48  (Total Value of £29.48)

Himalayan Salts 1kg

Cactus Dry Body Brush

Almond Oil Massage oil

Essential Oil – Juniper OR Grapefruit


Pamper Relaxation Gift Set £30.00  (Total Value of £32.50)

Rose Bath Oil

Rose Body Massage Oil

Oil Burner (White, Red or Black)

Lavender Essential Oil


Foodies Gift Set £17.50  (Total Value £18.68)

Coconut Oil

Bio Snaky Germinator

Yannoh Drink

Himalayan Salts 1/2kg


Call the clinic to book your package or gift set if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on these offers.