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Lenka, one of our Pilates instructors is offering a free 20 minute pre-class or pre 1-2-1 consultation to discuss your goals and body-related issues. This is a great opportunity to connect with your body and find out how Pilates can help you.

This offer is open to everyone, regardless of whether you are currently in one of our Pilates classes and / or thinking about also benefiting from having future 1-2-1‘s, or are thinking of joining one of our Pilates classes.

If you would like to take advantage of the offer, please call the clinic to book (Saturdays 12:05 – 12:25).

Lenka Sobotkova, Pilates Instructor

Lenka Sobotkova, Pilates Instructor


Pilates aims to strengthen the body, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and well-being. Pilate’s exercises are done on a mat (or using special equipment) by emphasising proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth controlled, flowing movement, you become acutely in tune with your body. You actually learn how to re-train/control your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of movement which is invaluable for injury recovery, sports performance, good posture and optimal health.

Pilates practise can help improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. For elite athletes/dancers, Pilates can complement their training by developing whole body strength and flexibility, and help reduce the risk of injury. There is some evidence that Pilates can provide pain relief to people with non-specific lower back pain.

Written By Anne French





Instead of waiting until you feel pain in your body – prevent the excessive build up of muscle tension by committing to a course of regular massage. Get through the winter with our special winter massage offer maintaining a healthier & happier you!


Course of 3x 30 minute massages
Cost: £75
Choose any 3 massages from the following treatments:
  • deep-tissue/sports massage
  • therapeutic/swedish massage
  • reflexology
  • indian head massage
  • chair massage


Available with our team of amazing therapists Mon-Sat:

  • Monday 10am – 2pm Nessy Canova
  • Tuesday 10am – 2pm Aurelie Gabard,  3pm – 6.30pm Jeanette Mahoney
  • Wednesday 10am – 2pm Shalina Sheikh,  3pm – 7pm Cherry Loane
  • Thursday 10am – 2pm Aurelie Gabard,  2pm – 7pm Shalina Sheikh
  • Friday 10am – 2pm Jeanette Mahoney,  3pm – 7pm Alla Snepste
  • Saturday 9am – 1pm Nessy Canova

The perfect St.Valentines Gift!

You & your partner can share the unique romantic experience of receiving a relaxing table massage lying side by side . . . in the same room . . . at the same time.


The treatments are geared to meet individual needs – so whether you’d like a relaxing holistic massage or if you’d prefer a deep-tissue/sports massage – both can be catered for.


Massages take place in Coasts lovely newly refurbished Pilates/Yoga Studio & are carried out by two of our resident therapists:

Cherry Loane, Jeanette Mahoney, Shalina Sheikh.

Costs: £99 – 60 minute treatment 

Bookings available :
Sat 13th @ 1.30pm / 3pm / 4.30pm
Sun 14th @ 12pm / 1.30pm/ 3pm/ 4.30pm
Mon 15th @ 6pm / 7.15pm
Limited availability so please book as soon as possible with reception on 01273 321133, to avoid disappointment.

The perfect Valentines Day Gift 

For both of you!

We thought we would try to help you out this year with finding the right gift for that certain person so we have put together some beautiful (and well priced) therapy gift packages as well as gift set that are already wrapped up for you.

Therapy Gift Vouchers

“Pure Relaxation” 

An indulgent treat to deeply relax the whole body and help you unwind

60 Mins Massage followed by a 30 min Reflexology treatment.

£60 for 1hr 30 min package.


“Top & Toe”

The perfect Christmas gift or may be indulge yourself after all that shopping.

40 min Indian Head Massage followed by a 30 min Reflexology treatment

£47 for 1 hr 10min package


 Gift Sets (all wrapped up for you)

Fitness Gift Set £17.25  (Total Value of £19.25)

Skipping Rope

Massage Ball

Coconut Water

Epsom Salts 1kg

* Could possibly substitute with a crystal deodorant


Detox Gift Set £26.48  (Total Value of £29.48)

Himalayan Salts 1kg

Cactus Dry Body Brush

Almond Oil Massage oil

Essential Oil – Juniper OR Grapefruit


Pamper Relaxation Gift Set £30.00  (Total Value of £32.50)

Rose Bath Oil

Rose Body Massage Oil

Oil Burner (White, Red or Black)

Lavender Essential Oil


Foodies Gift Set £17.50  (Total Value £18.68)

Coconut Oil

Bio Snaky Germinator

Yannoh Drink

Himalayan Salts 1/2kg


Call the clinic to book your package or gift set if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on these offers.

The perfect St.Valentines Gift!

You & your partner can share the unique romantic experience of receiving a relaxing table massage lying side by side . . . in the same room . . . at the same time.

The treatments are geared to meet individual needs – so whether you’d like a relaxing holistic massage or if you’d prefer a deep-tissue/sports massage – both can be catered for.


Massages take place in Coasts lovely newly refurbished Yoga Studio & are carried out with two of our resident therapists:

 Amanda Wilson & Jeanette Mahoney

60 minute treatment costs: £99

Bookings available :
FRI 13th @ 7pm
SAT 14th @ 4pm & 5.15pm
SUN 15th @ 11.15am & 12.30pm
MON 16th @ 7.15pm
Limited availability so please book as soon as possible with reception on 01273 321133, to avoid disappointment.
The perfect Valentines Day Gift 
For both of you!


(i)  COURSE of 4x 30 minute MASSAGES  @ £96 ( SAVE 20%)
(ii) COURSE of 8x 30 minute MASSAGES @ £180 ( SAVE 25%)
Many of you have spent January trying to shed those excess Xmas pounds, now we’re entering February, so why Massagenot continue your health regime by committing to look after your body with a series of 30 minute treatments to ease away the aches & pains & stresses of daily living.
This is also a perfect opportunity for you to add a regular Sports massage into your training programme in the lead up to & after the marathon – PRE/POST EVENT MASSAGE. Reap the benefits of sports massage:
* INJURY PREVENTION – identifying potential problem areas & working on them/ breaking down areas of scar tissue/stretching tight muscles
* ENHANCING PERFORMANCE – speeds up recovery inbetween training sessions/ removes waste, improves circulation & nutrition to heal the tissue cells/improves flexibility/improves quality & quantity of training.
* Courses can be booked from 1st February 2014
* Treatments can be shared with partners/friends
* All treatments must be used by 30/04/2014

Representing the Chinese part of the team here at Coast, I thought I would wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

In Chinese five element theory – horse is a Fire animal and 2014 is a year of the Wood Horse, sochinese_new_year_2014_year_of_the_horse_c2 expect this year to be a bit of a wild ride, as the flames of fire are fuelled  by woods fuel.

Horses allow people to travel quickly to their destination and are a symbol of travelling and speedy success. All this fire, passion and movement will ensure we have a busy schedule for 2014 with lots to do socially, romantically and at work.

On a global scale the flames will create lots of activity and chaos especially over summer, and the Wood element will mean people stick to their principles and ideals. This sets the stage for conflict and extremes as the middle ground disappears.

Personally, this fast flowing horse energy can take us into intuitive  situations as the free spirited, wild, independent horse energy creates opportunities to be had. Simply put, If it feels right, then act fast and seize the day in this horse year!

So on that note, we would like to offer:

Half Price Acupuncture treatments for new patients who make an appointment by February 11th

So if something has been bothering you and you have been thinking about resolving that problem, then now is the time! Call the clinic 01273 321133. Carpe Diem!

Written by Jeremy Marshall

We will once again be offering FREE express road side massage and stretch aid to all Brighton Marathon runners on the day of the marathon.  We are perfectly placed along the course, just before mile 18.

Natalie, Sports Therapist and myself, Chiropractor, will be set up outside Coast Chiropractic at 198, Church Road (weather permitting, if not we’ll be just inside). Please come and see us if you’re struggling and hopefully we can help you get through the rest of the race, with a smile on your face.

We will also be available for post event treatments during normal clinic opening hours from Monday 15th April!


If you would like to look at any of our blogs on running – just click on any of the following:

Running injuries

Beginner, serious enthusiast or elite athlete

An Athletes Relief Aid

My little runaway

Yoga stretches for runners (and everyone)

Distance running and ITB syndrome

Please tell your friends and spread the word…

We are starting our annual Twelve Days of Christmas early just so you can benefit from the first amazing special offer before Christmas and possibly give it as a healthy Gift Voucher so that someone you care about can also benefit.

All of our offers will be available to buy until January 5th, 2013.


01dayChristmasOn the first day of Christmas my true love bought me the perfect Christmas gift…………….A Coast MASSAGE GIFT VOUCHER

30 minutes sports/therapeutic or Chair massage @ £25 ( £5 off – special Christmas discount)

(60 minutes also available @ £40)

available with Amanda  & Jeanette

02-day-of-christmasOn the Second Day of Christmas my true love bought for me from Coast a Jack Knobber (also known as a tool of torture if in the hands of Anne).

This great little tool is easy to use, even hands free if you want by placing against a wall and leaning in to it. You can it on tight muscles and tissues anywhere on your body such as rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder; hip/buttock muscles or the Iliotibial Band of the leg (great for runners).

Jack Knobber

Jack Knobber

Pick yours up from the Clinic.

Happy Boxing Day.

Third Day of Christmas

Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas my true love bought for me a special offer from Coast of a 2 for the price of 1 – MASSAGE & AN EXERCISE CLASS

You have a choice of a 1/2 hour treatment of either Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage or Chair Massage AND the choice of either a Yoga, Pilates or QiGong class – all for only £30.


Fourth Day of Christmas

Fourth Day of Christmas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love bought for me a Pilates 1-2-1 for just £40.

Enjoy an hour of just concentrating on you, your body and your breath. This could be the start of something good…

5th Day of Christmas

5th Day of Christmas

5th Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – this special offer gives you a 20% discount on your initial Acupuncture treatment. Come along and experience the profound effect of Acupuncture and what it can do for you.

Sixth Day of Christmas

Sixth Day of Christmas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas you could buy a Reflexology session for yourself – because you are worth it!

7th Day of Christmas

7th Day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas you could buy a foam roller from Coast. Great to use on most parts of your body to give yourself a deep tissue work out. Here’s a video on how to use it on the ITB’s.

These rollers are also fantastic for core exercises too! Get yours today and start the New Year as you intend to continue.

8th Day of Christmas

8th Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas you could invest in shaping up your body and reduce reoccurring lower back pain with an 8 week yoga course for the price of 6 weeks – TO NEWCOMERS ONLY.

Start dates for the courses with availability are:
Monday – Hatha – 21st January
Monday – Vinyasa Flow – 11th February
Tuesday – Hatha – 12th February
Thursday – Astanga – 10th January

Check out our class schedule to find a suitable class time and day for you.

For current yoga students, we are offering 25% off their next course for any new referrals bookings of one of the above 8 week courses.

What a great way to start the New Year!

9th Day of Christmas

9th Day of Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas you could sign up for our FREE Tai Chi / Qi Gong Class on January 9th.

If you have never tried this wonderful exercise – here’s your chance – and it’s FREE.

10th Day of Christmas

10th Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas you could buy 10 Chiropractic or Osteopathy treatments for the price of nine. That’s a 10% discount!

11th Day of Christmas

11th Day of Christmas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas you could try a heavenly cranial sacral treatment for only £20, usually £40. Heavenly half price bargain!






12th Day of Christmas

12th Day of Christmas

On the Twelveth Day of Christmas – get yourself to  our Healthy Gut Clinic – 50% discount for New Patients
(£25 instead of £50) throughout January.

Do you suffer from I.B.S. Candida or any other digestive problems? Then this is the clinic for you.

Combining Nutrition, Homeopathy, Naturopathic techniques and Supplements, Natural Health Practitioner Sarah Allenby-Byrne will advise an individual programme for you which encourages optimum digestive health.

So autumn is now here and well and truly under way. The wind is blowing, the rain is falling and the air is definitely colder.

staying health this winter

In Chinese medicine the autumn is the time of the Metal element. This signifies the beginning in the growth of yin. The cold, wet and dark increase as we move toward winter and the energy of nature begins to move back inside the earth. You can see this clearly in the trees, the leaves begin to turn brown and fall from the trees as the sap returns back down into the roots.

The lungs are the organ associated with the Metal element. Known as the “delicate” organ in Chinese medicine, they are actually open to the external environment via the mouth and nose, and are easily affected by the wind, cold and damp.

This time every year we all catch colds. Since swine flu a few years ago every autumn has seen a mutation in the strength and severity of the colds going around. Particularly in the persistence and the ability of the cold to linger. I’ve treated a lot of people over the last few years who have a cold and just still can’t seem to shake it off 3,4 or 5 weeks after first getting it. Proper treatment at the time or before getting it would have helped to reduce the severity of the cold and its duration.

This raises two important points:

  1. Acupuncture can effectively treat common colds, and has been doing so for thousands of years. Coming for treatment at the first sign of a snuffled nose, achy head or feeling out of sorts can do a lot to release the pathogen outwards and strengthen the body’s immune response. Treatment in the first few days can also give the body a big hand in getting on top of the problem and preventing it from penetrating deeper, draining the body of its reserves.
  2. Acupuncture can be used preventively to keep the immune system strong. Ensuring the body has enough energy to mount a strong immune response and that all systems are functioning as they should will ensure fewer colds are caught, or, if the cold is particularly severe, that it doesn’t penetrate too deeply and linger for too long.

So who says there’s no cure for the common cold?! There is a lot we can do to help ourselves. For those wishing to have some preventative treatment I will knock £15 from the price of an initial consultation during October, and if you are unlucky enough to catch a cold in October and November I will do these treatments for £25There’s simply no need to suffer in silence any more!

Give the clinic a call 01273 32133 to book your appointment.

Written by Jeremy Marshall

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