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Homeopathy is relatively straightforward to use for everyday ailments and accidents and positive results can be obtained when selecting the correct remedy.

Each month I will be introducing a remedy that is used in Homeopathy for you to become familiar with and this month we are looking at Calcarea Carbonica better known as Calc Carb.


Calc Carb is one of the polychrest remedies (most commonly prescribed), and ranks with Sulphur and Lycopodium at the head of the antipsorics. These three are in a sense the standards around which the rest are grouped. All three have a very wide range and deep action.

The metallic element calcium is widely found in various compounds in minerals, animals and plants. Calcium salts give us our skeletal framework and the remedy is made from the inner layer of the oyster shell.

Calc Carb can be suited to quiet, shy, sensitive people who are subject to depression;  a feeling of being looked at by everyone and a fear of being laughed at; embarrassment when entering a room full of strangers. The typical Calc Carb patient is responsible and hard-working; they have a strong focus on security and practicalities. In many cases there will be a sense of being overwhelmed by the amount they have to accomplish. This in turn creates anxiety and fear.

Some of the keynote symptoms that may arise when needing a dose of Calc Carb are:

  • excessive appetite
  • overweight
  • disliking milk
  • craving for eggs and sweets
  • may feel generally better when constipated
  • tendency to feel the cold and to catch cold easily
  • cold hands
  • cracked skin in the winter
  • itching skin
  • profuse periods, period pains, premenstrual tension
  • toothache
  • vertigo
  • insomnia with much sweating once asleep

Worse: from cold, in damp weather, at night, from standing
Better: in dry weather, from warmth, while lying on the painful side

Written by Sarah Allenby-Byrne


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