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We are starting our annual Twelve Days of Christmas early just so you can benefit from the first amazing special offer before Christmas and possibly give it as a healthy Gift Voucher so that someone you care about can also benefit.

All of our offers will be available to buy until January 5th, 2013.


01dayChristmasOn the first day of Christmas my true love bought me the perfect Christmas gift…………….A Coast MASSAGE GIFT VOUCHER

30 minutes sports/therapeutic or Chair massage @ £25 ( £5 off – special Christmas discount)

(60 minutes also available @ £40)

available with Amanda  & Jeanette

02-day-of-christmasOn the Second Day of Christmas my true love bought for me from Coast a Jack Knobber (also known as a tool of torture if in the hands of Anne).

This great little tool is easy to use, even hands free if you want by placing against a wall and leaning in to it. You can it on tight muscles and tissues anywhere on your body such as rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder; hip/buttock muscles or the Iliotibial Band of the leg (great for runners).

Jack Knobber

Jack Knobber

Pick yours up from the Clinic.

Happy Boxing Day.

Third Day of Christmas

Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas my true love bought for me a special offer from Coast of a 2 for the price of 1 – MASSAGE & AN EXERCISE CLASS

You have a choice of a 1/2 hour treatment of either Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage or Chair Massage AND the choice of either a Yoga, Pilates or QiGong class – all for only £30.


Fourth Day of Christmas

Fourth Day of Christmas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love bought for me a Pilates 1-2-1 for just £40.

Enjoy an hour of just concentrating on you, your body and your breath. This could be the start of something good…

5th Day of Christmas

5th Day of Christmas

5th Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – this special offer gives you a 20% discount on your initial Acupuncture treatment. Come along and experience the profound effect of Acupuncture and what it can do for you.

Sixth Day of Christmas

Sixth Day of Christmas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas you could buy a Reflexology session for yourself – because you are worth it!

7th Day of Christmas

7th Day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas you could buy a foam roller from Coast. Great to use on most parts of your body to give yourself a deep tissue work out. Here’s a video on how to use it on the ITB’s.

These rollers are also fantastic for core exercises too! Get yours today and start the New Year as you intend to continue.

8th Day of Christmas

8th Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas you could invest in shaping up your body and reduce reoccurring lower back pain with an 8 week yoga course for the price of 6 weeks – TO NEWCOMERS ONLY.

Start dates for the courses with availability are:
Monday – Hatha – 21st January
Monday – Vinyasa Flow – 11th February
Tuesday – Hatha – 12th February
Thursday – Astanga – 10th January

Check out our class schedule to find a suitable class time and day for you.

For current yoga students, we are offering 25% off their next course for any new referrals bookings of one of the above 8 week courses.

What a great way to start the New Year!

9th Day of Christmas

9th Day of Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas you could sign up for our FREE Tai Chi / Qi Gong Class on January 9th.

If you have never tried this wonderful exercise – here’s your chance – and it’s FREE.

10th Day of Christmas

10th Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas you could buy 10 Chiropractic or Osteopathy treatments for the price of nine. That’s a 10% discount!

11th Day of Christmas

11th Day of Christmas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas you could try a heavenly cranial sacral treatment for only £20, usually £40. Heavenly half price bargain!






12th Day of Christmas

12th Day of Christmas

On the Twelveth Day of Christmas – get yourself to  our Healthy Gut Clinic – 50% discount for New Patients
(£25 instead of £50) throughout January.

Do you suffer from I.B.S. Candida or any other digestive problems? Then this is the clinic for you.

Combining Nutrition, Homeopathy, Naturopathic techniques and Supplements, Natural Health Practitioner Sarah Allenby-Byrne will advise an individual programme for you which encourages optimum digestive health.


Why is it important?

The lymphatic system removes waste fluid from spaces between cells, also known as interstitial spaces and facilitates the immune system by removing waste, debris, dead blood cells and carrying vital immune cells that destroy pathogens, toxins and cancer cells. As well as removing and destroying, the lymphatic system helps deliver fats and fat soluble nutrients from the digestive tract to individual cells.

A sluggish lymphatic system results in aches, pains, swelling, compromised immunity and possibly disease. So, all in all, it’s important!


To understand the lymphatic system, let’s compare it very briefly with the blood circulatory system. Blood is circulated by the pumping of the heart. The blood is pumped out from the heart via the arteries and returned to the heart via veins. So there is a complete system (like the M25).


The lymphatic system does not have a pump. It relies on the movement of muscles and it is this movement which facilitates the flow of lymph fluid. Hence, exercise is really important for well-functioning lymph flow.

Another difference from the blood circulatory system is the lymph works only in one direction and it is against gravity. Lymph vessels move lymph fluid; a clear, yellowish fluid which is the result of residual fluid leftover from the arterial delivery to the interstitial spaces; upwards, passing through numerous lymph nodes which filter and destroy products, until finally it is drained into the Subclavian Veins at either side of the neck.

Lymphoid tissues are scattered throughout the body and are found in many organs which play an important part in the immune system including lymph nodes, bone marrow, the thymus, spleen, appendix, tonsils, adenoids and the small and large intestine. You may have noticed that it is common practice in modern medicine to remove a few of these organs because they are ‘not important’. I would strongly disagree with this view. By removing an offending tonsil, all that is being done is removing the symptom; your body is stating ‘there is a problem here’. Getting rid of a symptom and curing the problem are two completely different things.


So now we know the prime roles of the lymphatic system are to defend against aggressive agents and eliminate accumulated waste. It is easy to realise that stagnation of the lymph will result in an apathetic immune system, a weakened ability to fight infection and disease and the accumulation of toxins leading to aches, pains and swelling.


Obviously, you want your lymphatic system to function well. Here is what you can do to help it AND improve it.


  • Body brushing – this is fast and easy. Get a natural bristled brush and use it every day before you shower (dry body). Brush from your limbs in the direction of your heart. On a vanity note, this will also leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.
  • Re-bounders – re-bounders are those mini trampolines that you can use at home. The rhythmic, up and down, gravitational force caused by jumping on the re-bounder, increases lymph flow.
  • Exercise – remember, the lymph relies on muscle contraction to get the lymph fluid moving up against gravity. So get moving.
  • Hydrotherapy – hot and cold shower – stand in a hot shower, then turn off the hot water and stand in a cold shower. Harsh – but in improves circulation.
  • Breathing – we have written a whole blog on this subject. Click here to read how to breathe correctly.
  • Massage – what a wonderful way to help your lymph. Here’s how it works.
  • Water – dehydration can slow and stagnate the flow of lymph; drinking sufficient amounts of water will prevent dehydration.
  • Good diet – it always comes down to a healthy diet.

Simple tips that can make you look and feel great this winter. Let me know how you get on.

Written by Anne French

The Massage Trio is for 3x 45 minute treatments, cost £90.

Clients can book treatments with different therapists: Amanda, Richard or Jeanette and they dont have to have the same 3x massages with the same therapist.


Re-boot with a massage

You can pay for as many TRIOs as you like (as long as they’re paid for up front and are used by 30/09/12).

Treatments have to be used by 30/09/12.

Gift vouchers are available.

Lets face it guys, there are only certain parts of your body that you are really concerned about and that is why we have written this little ditty to grab your attention (so to speak) for Father’s Day. So this is for all you father’s and potential father’s out there. Look after yourselves – you’re worth it!

However worrying a pain in the testes may be for a man, it would be fair to say that men are generally notorious at ignoring potential signs of ill health in any guise, often taking the stance that it has to ‘turn black and fall off’ before a visit to the GP is warranted!  Any pain or discomfort experienced in the testicles should certainly not be ignored and the first step should be self-examination of the area to check for any unusual nodules, lumps or swelling.


Don’t think you are too young to get something like this as it is most common to affect young men between 20 and 39 years.  In fact, almost half of all testicular cancers are diagnosed in men less than 35 years of age.

The good news is the treatment for testicular cancer is very effective and the vast majority of men are cured. So if in doubt, immediately visit your G.P.

Assuming that the self-examination does not give cause for concern as all seems perfectly normal, what next?  Well, firstly it may set many male minds at rest to know that a sharp shooting pain into the testicles can be a surprisingly common, albeit an unnerving complaint. The cause of the problem may be easily treated by a Chiropractor, Osteopath or other manual health care practitioner.

The pain may be due to a tight (hypertonic) psoas muscle – the main hip flexor whose origin is the front (anterior) surface of the 12th thoracic to the 5th lumbar vertebrae of the spine, attaching to the thigh bone(lesser trochanter of the femur).  The nerve to the scrotum travels up and passes through the psoas, so any interference of the muscle, possibly brought on by exercise, poor posture or strain, can cause a shooting pain to travel down the nerve into the testes.

A Chiropractic/Osteopathic examination will detect this as the cause of the pain. The remedy? Soft tissue work of the psoas muscle, some gentle stretching (see video below), coupled with gentle Chiropractic/Osteopathic manipulations of the spine over the course of a few treatments, will swiftly rectify the complaint and the cause of the pain.

So guys – the problem might be easily solved, don’t wait for it to fall off, you might need it!

Written by Ginny Haswell and Anne French 

Hello Brighton Marathon runners.

We at Coast (Richard, Jeanette, and I), will be offering free express massage and stretch aid to all Brighton Marathon runners.

We are prefectly placed at mile 18 (198 Church Road, Hove) so that if you feel in need of a little help as you are running past, we can use 5 mins to help you and your body make it through the rest of the course.

We will be cheering for you!


The effects of sports massage

As the summer is approaching no doubt more and more of you will be inclined to start some kind of exercise regime. Perhaps some of you are preparing for your beach summer holiday; or are motivated to improve your fitness levels to feel healthy and energised over the summer months; or perhaps you just want to get the maximum benefit from this gorgeous weather by exercising outside in the sunshine.


Others, no doubt, are in full flow with your training programmes psyching yourselves up for the big event – the Brighton Marathon 15th April (or perhaps  London? or Paris? ), not too long to go for you now folks!


Whether a beginner, a serious exercise enthusiast or an elite athlete, without a doubt the benefits of sports massage can be reaped by all.


What are the benefits of sports massage?

Generally, the main benefits experienced from sports massage fall into two categories: (i) injury prevention (ii) enhanced performance


Identifying problem areas – breakdown of scar tissue:

All sports contain a repetitive element (as do most occupations), therefore muscles can get overworked and overloaded, this can lead to muscle fibres being torn on a microscopic level (micro-trauma). This is turn causes bleeding and inflammation; the body will repair this by forming adhesive bonds to heal the afflicted area. If the same muscles continue to be used this can lead to yet more overuse and secondary micro-trauma and so on, causing the formation of further scar adhesions. This may begin to affect the elasticity and function of the muscle, also having a knock-on effect to the whole muscular and skeletal system, which in turn can lead to a more complicated injury pattern.


Having regular sports massage helps to identify these problem areas and deal with them by using various frictional techniques to break-down scar tissue & fibrous knots, therefore, preventing further injury.

Improves self-awareness:

Regular massage helps the exercise enthusiast become more in-tune and aware of what is happening in different parts of their body. This helps them to adjust their training accordingly and can improve the quality and quantity of their training.

Improves recovery:

Massage boosts the circulation; consequently after exercise massage helps the circulation to remove waste from the muscles e.g. lactic acid and helps to bring fresh blood to the muscle fibre cells, helping to restore nutritional levels. This improves the recovery time for athletes, preparing them effectively for their next training session. 

Improved elasticity:

Deep longitudinal massage strokes and sports massage techniques e.g. STR ( soft tissue release), MET (muscle energy technique), can stretch specific localised areas of tissue by drawing them apart in all possible directions in a way that functional stretching by an athlete alone cannot achieve. This helps to improve the elasticity of muscles and the overall flexibility of the sports person, which ultimately enhances performance.


Massage has an effect on the nervous system. It stimulates the nerve receptors in the muscles that control tissue tension and helps the body to let go and relax the tissues, releasing tension and helping to reduce pain. This affects tension throughout the body.

Massage triggers the parasympathetic system, which slows down the heart rate, deepens the breath and allows the whole body to enter a state of deep rest and relaxation.

In conclusion:

Whether you’re just about to start your summer exercise regime or whether you’re an all year round sports person, it is very beneficial for you all to build some quality time for regular sports massage into your training schedule.  Then you too can benefit from reduced injuries and IMPROVED PERFORMANCE! Your body deserves it!


Attention: Brighton marathon runners:

Remember the Coast Team will be offering Free Express Massages on the day of the Brighton Marathon at mile 18. Richard, Anne and I will be set up outside the clinic at 198, Church Road. Please come and see us if you’re struggling and hopefully we can help you get through the rest of the race, with a smile on your face.

We will also be available for post event treatments during normal clinic opening hours from Monday 16th April! GOOD LUCK & ENJOY !

Written by Jeanette Mahoney, Massage Therapist.




Many of us may have found ourselves listening to a friend/relative who appears not to be coping with the stresses of life, and/or who appears to be suffering from muscular pain/tension as a result of their stress. As a supportive friend perhaps we have suggested to our troubled pal/relativewhy don’t you have a massage to relax and unwind! Or perhaps this has been recommended to you? But have you ever really questioned how exactly does massage work in this way? Why is it relaxing?


Of course setting the scene helps, calming music and soothing aromatherapy oils both help to create an ambience conducive to relaxation, but what is happening physically to the body during a massage to achieve a further state of relaxation?

The level of tension held in muscle tissue throughout the body, is controlled by the nervous system. Tension can build up in specific areas of tissue that are continually held in a shortened position, this could be caused by an injury or by emotional, postural, occupational or over-use factors. The nervous system gets used to holding on to this tension and after time accepts this level as normal.

Deep tissue massage techniques on a tender spot often cause initial pain, followed afterwards by relaxation. A couple of theories have emerged to explain this, firstly the pain factor causes a release of endorphins which suppress pain and so release tension. Furthermore, the pressure compresses the blood vessels and starves the immediate area of blood, when the pressure is released the blood floods back in and the nervous system reacts to these changes by relaxing the local tissues that are being worked on . . . hey presto! Tension is released!

So we can see massage has a direct impact on the nervous system, it stimulates the nerve receptors in the tissues which control tissue tension and furthermore , the mechano-receptors (nerve endings) that respond to pressure, touch and warmth are also stimulated. When the therapist touches the clients body, this is registered by sensory receptors in the skin, muscles or joints and messages are relayed to the spinal cord and up to the brain for processing. This results in messages flowing down the spinal cord, via motor nerves to the skeletal muscle. The neurochemical balance in the brain responds to the incoming information and the homeostatic balance of the body is altered, this affects the parasympathetic pathway of the autonomic nervous system which results in relaxation.

There are 2 divisions of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The SNS is often called the “fight or flight” pathway which is triggered when we are startled, excited or challenged, it is aroused with emotions associated with anger, joy and fear.

The PNS is connected to the normal and relaxed functioning of the body processes. When the PNS is activated the heart-beat slows and blood pressure is reduced, breathing rate slows down and may become deeper, blood vessels to skeletal muscles return to normal and digestion is promoted. This is often why during a massage a client may feel their tummy rumbling.

Tension in the soft tissues may reduce output from the mechano-receptors, which can cause over-activity in the SNS. By releasing this tension, massage can restore the balance by stimulating the PNS and in so doing bringing the body back to a relaxed state of being.

Massage induces a state of relaxation by activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System – which lowers blood pressure, slows heart-rate and encourages deep, slower breathing.


Specific massage techniques help the nervous system “let go” which results in a release of muscle tension and a reduction in pain.


Written by Jeanette Mahoney – massage therapist

therapeutic, deep-tissue, thai yoga, chair, pregnancy massage





The power of touch! 

Massage . . .  relax  . . . unwind


Coast offers a variety of massage treatments from 30 – 90 minutes, ranging from £30-£60 from our team of therapists.

Massage Gift Vouchers are available


The perfect gift for Mothers Day!!!!

Feeling sluggish after all the Xmas holiday over endulgence? Why not give your system a re-boot for the new year! Boost your circulation with a massage!


How does massage work?

In order for the body to work efficiently it needs a good supply of blood. Blood delivers everything required by the cells for their growth, repair and nutrition.


If the cells have suffered from inflammation or any tissue damage, waste material is created. Waste is also created when the body produces energy e.g. lactic acid, therefore, the body requires an effective waste disposal system. Both nutrition provision & waste removal are involved in the healing process and are vital to the healthy function of cells. Massage assists this process.


There are various different types of massage techniques e.g effleurage, petrissage, friction, soft tissue & neuromuscular technique etc. to name but a few. In particular the stroking massage techniques such as “effleurage” act like a pumping system which help to stimulate the circulation of blood. Fresh blood brings fresh nutrients which are absorbed by the muscle fibre cells, whilst at the same time also removing waste from the cells.


When pressure is applied with long sweeping massage strokes towards the heart, the blood is pushed up along the vein, a vacuum is created behind the vein and this space immediately becomes filled by fresh blood from the arteries.

Re-boot with a massage

In order to allow the absorption and filtration of nutrients and waste, it is important that the blood vessel walls are soft and pliable. The pumping action of massage strokes forces blood through the arterioles and capillaries, this stretches the walls of the blood vessels and this in turn can assist in increasing their size, capacity and function.  

Massage not only has a positive effect on local tissues it also boosts the circulatory system as a whole, this in turn helps to improve the health and recovery of most of the other systems of the body.


In summary, by boosting the circulation massage plays a very important role in keeping the cells throughout the entire body healthy and functional.   (ref: sport & remedial massage therapy, mel cash, 1996)

Written by Jeanette Mahoney – massage therapist, ba (hons) lcm lssm ocm thai (dip) btec higher sports dip.


Watch out for the further benefits of massage Part II explained in the next Coast newsletter!


A variety of massage treatments are available at Coast clinic from Monday-Saturday with Amanda, Elke, Jeanette & Richard.


Now the positive effects on the circulation have been explained why not start the  New Year with a new health regime boosting your system with regular massage treatments. Can you dedicate 30 minutes out of your weekly schedule for a healthier YOU! If the answer is YES!!! then take advantage of Coasts special MASSAGE TRIO OFFER!!! running throughout February 2012.


(valid until 28/02/12)

3x  30 minute massages for £60


choose 3 treatments from the following:

deep-tissue / sports / chair

reflexology / therapeutic


massage trio gift vouchers available


On the First Day of Christmas my true love bought for me a Foam Roller from Coast for my iliotibial bands (ITB’s).

 Here’s how to use it.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Coast.

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love bought for me a special offer from Coast of a 2 for 1 TREATMENT & A CLASS

A choice of either a Yoga or Pilates class and the choice of a 1/2 hour treatment of either Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Sports Massage or Chair Massage – all for only £26.

 Happy Boxing Day.


On the THIRD DAY OF CHRISTMAS my true love gave to me a special offer from Coast of a MASSAGE TRIO – 3x 30 minute treatments for £60

Have you always been a bit confused or overwhelmed as to which massage treatment would be most suitable & beneficial for you?

Coast is offering you an amazing opportunity to try out 3 different massages for yourself from the variety of treatments available at the clinic:

Choose any three 30 minute treatments from the following:

  • therapeutic – a gentle great stress relieving treatment, helping you to unwind & relax after a hectic day, soothes away aches & pains
  • reflexology – is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that applies gentle pressure to the reflex points on the feet.
  • deep -tissue – works very deeply into muscle fibres, reducing deep rooted muscle tension & breaks down stubborn knots & scar tissue in problem areas
  • chair massage (including Indian head massage) – performed through clothing on a fully adjustable, ergonomic massage chair for maximum comfort, focuses specifically on the muscles of the upper body & includes an Indian head massage
  • sports massage/injury – deep tissue that can be used on an injury.
  • thai yoga – a dynamic, rhythmical, dance like treatment, performed on a futon, through clothing which releases energy blockages in the body & in so doing helps to reduce muscle aches & tension by using palming, thumb, elbow & foot pressure & by applying gentle passive hatha yoga stretches, suitable for all regardless of size, age or flexibility.

Onthe Fourth Day of Christmas my true love bought for me a Yoga 1-2-1 with the lovely Ginny or Emma.

Enjoy an hour of just concentrating on you, your body and your breath. This could be the start of something good…

On the Fifth Day of Christmas I received from Coast,  FIVE Homeopathic sessions for the price of Four.

This special offer gives you a 20% discount on your Homeopathic treatment AND it includes the remedies. Come along and meet Sarah, our Homeopath and experience the profound effect of what Homeopathy can do for you.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas you could buy a 60 minute massage – because you are worth it!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas you could join us in celebrating a big Happy 7th Birthday to Coast. Thanks to everyone for the last years and looking forward to the next.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas you could invest in shaping up your body and reducing reoccurring lower back pain with an eight week course of Pilates or Yoga.

Check out our class schedule to find a suitable class time and day for you. What a great way to start the New Year.

de-sress with a yoga or pilates class

Looking good and feeling good!

On the Ninth Day of Christmas could partake in 90 luxurious minutes of a Thai Yoga massage. Ahhh…

On the Tenth Day of Christmas you could buy 10 Chiropractic or Osteopathy treatments for the price of nine. That’s a 10% discount!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas you could try a heavenly cranial sacral treatment for only £20, usually £40. A heavenly half price bargain!

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas – time to DETOX & we can help. Get rid of that bloated, lethargic feeling along with the Christmas decorations.

Come along and talk with Sue our Nutritionist. She can advise you on how to best clean your body internally so that you function better both physically and mentally. You’ll have so much more energy.

You know you’ve been promising yourself this for a long time – Do it!

Our bodies are truly amazing.  They cope and adapt to the various stresses and demands we make on them every day and we hardly ever give them the respect and care they need and deserve until – one day they start to hurt or we can’t do something we used to be able to do. Then we feel let down and bewildered as to why? The truth is we need to care for ourselves more than we do and this is how we can care for our joints, those miraculous things that allow us to bend and twist in multiple forms.


There are 206 bones in the human body which makes for a lot of joints. The range of motion of these joints vary depending on the type of joint e.g. ball and socket joint of the hip or hinge joint of the elbow. These joints can be injured by direct trauma such as a fracture; subluxation; sprain; daily increased wear and tear of incorrect movement patterns (which most of us have) or incorrect dietary habits resulting in inflammation and lack of repair. What we are really talking about here is Osteoarthritis. Symptoms are typically joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

Treatment options :

Chiropractic or Osteopathy manipulations of the spine and peripheral joints can decrease joint tenderness and improve function.

Massage around the painful area will improve circulation and reduce pain and swelling.

ExerciseInitially, exercise may increase pain, however, gentle exercise has long-term benefits with positive effects on physical function, fitness and activity levels. Try Pilates, Yoga or swimming.

Dietary Modification Research has proven time and again that diet can affect the body’s ability to heal and repair itself so it is vital that we eat foods that are beneficial to our health and well-being. Nothing surprising here – surely. So what’s beneficial?  It’s the same diet that you always hear me talking about. Reduce protein, simple carbohydrates and saturated fats, alcohol and coffee from your diet and all processed foods. Ultimately – an organic vegetarian diet (produces an alkaline environment in the body) with a good source of omega 3 oils is the way to go. This diet is low in protein (protein produces an acidic environment = pain) but rich in nutrients needed for rebuilding and repair of joints.

The next question for me is – ‘Do we get enough of these nutrients in our diets these days?’ The answer sadly is ‘Probably not.’ The way that our food is now grown results in a product that is lacking in nutritional value (have you noticed food just doesn’t taste like it used to?). Even if we were living in an ideal world where all the crops were grown organically and therefore they were regularly rotated and full of nutrients because they were grown naturally in a richly nutritious soil. When it comes to a arthritic joint – we want to repair the joint surface and we will need more than the RDA (recommended daily allowance) which, for example, is the lowest amount you need to not get scurvy, not the amount you need the heal and repair your body. So supplements and vegetable juicing are the easiest way to pack those nutrients in.

If you would like to know which nutrients you need, you can always make an appointment with me at the clinic. Meanwhile, here are some supplements that are beneficial in either joint health and/or repair:

Omega 3 oils – everyone should be taking these as we are just not getting enough in our diets. Each individual cell in your body has a wall that sounds it. That wall needs to be highly permeable, allowing products to enter it as well as exit. Omega 3 oils increase cell permeability where as poor oils e.g hydrogenated fat, decrease the cells permeability by making the cell wall rigid. Omega 3 oils are essential and sadly lacking in our diets. Be sure to take a good source of this oil that has been filtered from heavy metal contamination if it is from a fish source.

Sources – fish, nuts and seeds, flax, green leafy vegetables.

Omega 6 oils – effective in part due to its conversion to Prostaglandin E1 – anti-inflammatory pathway (as is omega 3).

Source – borage oil, black currant seed oil, evening primrose oil.

Oleic Acid – olive oil. Research link

Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin Sulphate – may both play a role in wound healing by providing the raw materials needed to manufacture molecules called glycosaminoglycans that are found in skin, tendons, ligaments and joints. They are also reported to reduce pain. Glucosamine sulphate has had a lot of research done on it (which is unusual for a nutrient as most research is conduct by pharmaceutical companies, and they can’t patent a nutrient)and most of it is really positive. E.g. research link

Antioxidants – Vitamin C/E – are important against oxidative, free radical damage and also for the creation of collagen which is found in bones, ligaments, blood vessels and tendons; also important in the creation of neurotransmitters (serotonin, nor-adrenaline and dopamine) which control our moods, mental clarity and pain levels. Eat a rainbow of colours in your diet and you’ll be getting some but will you be getting enough?

Sources – peppers (red, orange, yellow, green), carrots, tomatoes, red cabbage, blueberries etc.

Vitamin D – boy – there is so much research being done on this vitamin at the moment and a deficiency in this vitamin is being linked to so many conditions including poor joint health. There is no way we get enough of it in the UK (hardly any sunlight) so take a supplement.

Bromelain – is a protein-digesting enzyme derived from pineapple. Some 200 medical journal articles attest to its effectiveness in treating inflammatory conditions by blocking inflammatory chemicals and digesting excess fibrin, a chemical contributing to osteoarthritis.



These beautiful botanical miracles are truly amazing (which is why pharmaceutical companies are very effectively limiting their use in Europe). Get them while you can.

Curcumin – is a herbal extract from turmeric and is as effective as cortisone for anti-inflammatory needs but without the cortisone side-effects.

Ginger – anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Devil Claw – anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Boswelia – it shrinks inflamed tissue, builds cartilage, increases blood supply and helps to repair blood vessels. I love this herb.


Topical Treatment Options

These are also herbs but made into and highly absorbable gel that can be applied to the skin to reduce pain and swelling. We carry both of these at the clinic.

Horse Chestnut – contains a compound called aescin that acts as an anti-inflammatory. It can be applied to an affected area every couple of hours to reduce swelling.

Arnica – great at reducing pain and inflammation.


I know what you’re thinking – ‘Too much effort. Why not just pop a pill?’

Short-term use of NSAIDs (such as Ibuprofen) can be helpful when used for inflammation that results from traumatic injuries (sprains/strains etc). However, long-term use of these medications can cause a host of unwanted side-effects. The way they work is to block the prostaglandin inflammatory AND anti-inflammatory pathways. Another point that I feel is highly relevant, is that NSAIDs do not actually correct the cause of the pain. In fact they cause intestinal permeability, which leads to more inflammation. A person taking NSAIDs medication is seven times more likely to be hospitalised for gastrointestinal adverse effects which the FDA estimates leads to 200,000 cases of gastric bleeding annually resulting in 10,000 – 20,000 deaths each year.

Why take something that is non-beneficial and possibly detrimental to your health (life expectancy) when there are safe and effective natural options.

Make the effort. You’re worth it!

Written by Anne French

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